Add a Touch of Class with a Red Carpet

An exceptional event deserves some fancy touches. The tablecloths are ordered, the centrepieces are perfect, but how do you get the attention of guests before they even enter the room. It’s easy.  A luxurious red carpet is perfect for such an occasion. The indoor/outdoor rug can be super plush or robust and practical. It all depends on what’s needed for the party’s event.

Where to Get a Red Carpet for Special Events

Did you know red carpet hire is possible? There’s no reason to break the budget on a red carpet purchase when you can rent one for much less. Not only is it possible to rent this party decoration, but hiring out the job also allows hosts to give their attendees the VIP treatment while the carpet is supplied, installed, laid, and removed by someone else. The less that is required before, at, and after the party, the more the host can enjoy the festivities.

What Type of Events is Red Carpet Worthy?       

Red carpet events can happen every day of someone’s life. It’s not even necessary to be famous or a celebrity to rent a red carpet for your event. Instead, partygoers can enjoy the event like celebrities. Parties and corporate events are perfect occasions for special touches and exceptional decorations. A red carpet should be considered for any of the following events.

  • Wedding reception
  • Corporate function
  • Opening night
  • Launch party
  • Themed event
  • Trade Shows
  • Open houses
  • Back to school events
  • Movie premieres
  • Award banquets
  • Pop-up boutiques
  • Celebrity walks
  • Model runways

Are Red Carpets Available in Different Colours?

As mentioned above, red carpets are available in different materials including plush carpet that looks as good as it feels. The carpets are also available in a variety of colours. Red carpets are the most recognised colour for special events, but some companies, couples, or birthday girls would rather have a red carpet with their favourite colours instead. Other favourite colours that carpets can be ordered as include:

  • Black
  • White
  • Blue
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Pink
  • Green

Not only is any colour of the rainbow possible, but custom carpets are likely, as well. If a company wants a white carpet with their logo printed on it, that’s possible. If a couple wants their married name printed on a carpet with their wedding colours, it can be accomplished. When ordering a custom carpet, it’s essential to allow time for the customisation to be completed.

What Other Decorations Go With a Carpet Runway?

Now that a carpet runway is a sure thing at the next big event, it’s time to discuss what other decorations match this look. There are many options, and final decisions will likely be based on the type of party. Favorited ideas that go with this theme include:

  • Balloon arches
  • Roped off areas
  • Media wall
  • Dance floors
  • Monitors
  • Paparazzi

Make the next party or event something no one will forget. Get a red carpet rental today.