November 2016

Moving Services

Exploring the Services of the Movers

Are you are relocating interstate? Then this is the high time to choose a good moving company. Removing from one state to another is exhausting. That’s why most people look for a Dallas relocation specialist  during relocation. Relocating to a different place is a strenuous job that’s why it is suggested to leave your tension to the professional interstate movers. You simply take the responsibility of your family and kids during relocation.

Here are the services of a reputed moving company:

  • The job of moving requires great responsibility and professionalism. Usually, after signing with a renowned moving company you can stay hassle free. You will be shared with the details of the exact date and time when they will send their team to start packaging your belongings in the house you were staying in.
  • With all professional expertise, these workers of relocation companies pack up your stuff. The workers here are professionally trained and they take good care of the glass pieces and fragile objects like rare showpieces and cutleries along with packing the sturdy belongings in your household.


  • A good mover also transfers your pets with great care. Not all the companies will offer you similar facilities. If you have pets, then choose the relocation service provider that ensures the relocation of pets. But, on the contrary, if you think that you will drive your pet along with your family, then you have nothing to worry. Think, decide, and do accordingly.
  • The services of the relocation expert don’t end with packing and moving, but they will also unpack and place the belongings where you say in the new address. Here again, you can relax as unpacking the belongings and placing those to the different floors demand expertise and patience as well.

Alongside these services, some movers offer bond clearance. Homeowners find it challenging at certain times. Bond cleaning is the process when you have to replace the broken stuff that belongs to the landlord. For example the washroom mirror, the latch at the kitchen door or a rack of a cabinet etc. Choose an expert mover that offers the bond clearing services, if you find it tough or time-consuming to find and replace the broken stuff.


But you don’t have to worry about bond clearing if you are relocating from your own property. It’s mainly applicable for the tenants. Besides, the top companies have their own vehicles along with expert drivers. You can follow the GPS to track the whole moving episode.


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Moving Services

Hire a Removalist for Your Next Move

Shifting houses can be quite tedious, especially if you have to do everything on your own. It requires a considerable amount of work because you have to pack each and every item up and then load it into a moving van. There are many companies through which you can rent a moving van. However, renting a van is not enough. You will also need assistance from others to help you move all of the heavy furniture and items in the house. One of the main reasons why so many people don’t look forward to shifting houses is because the chances of damage to any of your belongings are quite high. Think about the last time you shifted houses. How many furniture items did you damage? When you move, you risk chipping the wooden furniture around the corners, or breaking some delicate crockery.

Rather than going through all of this trouble, consider hiring a removalist for the job. Professional removalists have made life very easy for people who have to move houses but don’t want to go through all of the trouble by themselves. Companies that offer removals in Bury St Edmunds will visit your place first to inspect the amount of items that need to be moved. They will give you an affordable quote for shifting everything from your house to the new destination, depending on the distance to be covered. Here are just some of the many reasons why you should hire a removalist the next time you have to shift houses.

Hassle-Free Moving

Arguably the best reason why you should consider hiring a removalist is because they take all of the trouble out of the move. You don’t have to worry about doing anything on your own. The company will send over a team of well-trained, fit individuals who will pack everything and lift the heavy items for you. If you live in an apartment complex, getting large furniture down to the ground floor can be a problem by yourself. With the help of professional movers, it won’t take long at all.


Contrary to popular belief, local removalists don’t charge a sky-high fee for their services. In fact, most companies that offer local removals throughout the city are actually quite affordable. The fee is calculated based on several factors. These include the number of items that need to be shifted, the type of packaging that you choose, and the distance to be covered between your old house and new one. When you consider the value of money for services that professional movers offer, it’s easy to see why so many people now prefer using their services every time they have to shift houses.

While it would take you several days to shift everything from your old place to the new one, the movers will get the whole transition done within a day or two. They have larger vans, and the professionally trained staff will quickly shift the items without causing any damage. Before you hire the services of any removalist, it’s always recommended that you request a quote first.

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Housing Boom Causing CRA Scrutiny

Those still having a hard time emotionally and financially getting past the oil crash of recent may have something else to invest in. The housing market across Canada is on a swift and relentless incline, which is making both native and foreign investors try to get in while the iron is hot.

The problem is, that like everything, what goes up must come down and when a market is getting flooded there is always a correction on the horizon. Could the same be true for the Canadian housing market? The recent boom activity within housing and construction is making the CRA take note and forcing them to put more scrutiny on what is going on in Canada nationwide.

The CRA is beginning to crack down on the hot housing market by spotting those who are noncompliant with their taxes or trying to cheat the system. Seeing a red-hot market in residential building and sales in both Vancouver and Toronto, the CRA is taking a harder look to ensure that everyone is paying their fair share and operating on the up and up.

The constraints they are subjecting those in the housing, Storage units and construction industry to are looking over transactions, initiating audits of financials, and monitoring real estate transactions, with a fine toothed comb.

Ending March 31 of this year, the CRA reportedly audited as many as 1,864 Ontario files in the real estate industry that came with over $18 million dollars in income tax. Of those audits, over 339 files were found to have discrepancies that led to over $4 million dollars in additional revenue that would have been lost if no one was at the wheel overseeing the “fancy” math that many flippers and investors have been engaging in. Along with the unpaid monies owed, there have been an additional $10 million in penalties across Canada.

The CRA has released a statement concerning the widespread of non-compliance, forewarning that they will be using such tools as analytics, third party data, and risk assessment tools, that have found inconsistencies in accounting. Surmountable to tax evasion, the CRA has gone to work fervently to find those they believe are at the highest risk for fraud or noncompliance.

The key indicators that they are looking for are:

Source of funding

The first identifier that the CRA is targeting is taxpayers who buy property with funds that were not taxed properly, which includes both native Canadians and foreign investors looking to cash in on a red-hot market. Since they realize that money doesn’t just “materialize” from nowhere, tracking down sources to ensure that taxes were paid, is part of the scheme to catch those who are operating outside the financial laws.



Buying residential buildings to fix up and sell, or “flippers,” has become a very popular and lucrative business for those who know how to budget and have the capital to buy homes with no or little money down. Cracking down on those who are claiming to be residential home buyers, redo a home and sell it within the proper time frame to cash in, are being held to higher scrutiny to pay capital gains taxes, which they don’t have to pay if it is a legitimate renovation for residential living.

Flipping is not an illegal practice, but tricking the system by pretending to be a residential homeowner simply fixing up an old home and selling it without ever paying taxes on the capital gains, is. Those are the investors that the CRA is trying to take a harder look at.

Third party data is the way that the CRA are better identifying which properties are being flipped and where there is a trend by buyers who aren’t looking for their own renovation, rather use the home as a business transaction.

Capital gains not being paid

If you sell your home, and you make money on it, there is no crime. As the housing industry continues to increase, obviously many homeowners are enjoying more equity in their homes when they decide to sell, and they do so at a profit. Generally, when you live in a home and sell it at a later time for a profit, there are no capital gains taxes, because it is just part of market fluctuations. If, however, your entire reason for buying and selling is to make a profit and you are not reporting it, that is a crime. These are the type of transactions that the CRA is trying to monitor better.

Everyone is trying to get in on the hot ride that the housing market is providing to people in the Toronto and Vancouver area, but cheating the CRA is never a good idea. To gain control over those who are bending the rules, the CRA is investing both time and measures to find those who are noncompliant in the housing industry.

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