October 2016

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The Ultimate Guide to Moving Your Fine Art

When you’ve amassed a collection of fine art, it’s more than just a financial investment in things that might appreciate in value. Fine art pieces are completely unique, born from someone’s creative passion and vision. There’s nothing else quite like it, and there never will be. Every painting or sculpture is one of a kind.

When you’re moving, you need to figure out what to do about your fine art. Obviously, you can’t just throw it in a cardboard box with some bubble wrap and call it a day. Fine art is often quite fragile, and if it’s damaged, it’s difficult or impossible to fix. It’s also basically irreplaceable. You could commission something similar, but it will probably never be exactly the same as the original.

We’ve put together this helpful guide to help you safely and securely move your fine art pieces without the help of movers Winnipeg professionals. Whether you’re just moving across town, or your new home is all the way across the country, proper packing is essential. Whether you’re trusting your moving company with your art, or taking it with you on your own, you need to pack it securely to protect it from damage during transport.

Packing Your Fine Art: Paintings, Sculptures, & Objets d’Art

When you’re moving statues, paintings, and other fine art pieces, proper packing is essential. It requires extra care and attention to detail.

Preparing Paintings for Your Move

Paintings can be fragile — after all, they’re usually painted on canvas, which could easily puncture during transit. They can also be damaged by moisture or by rubbing up against other objects. Regardless of medium, your paintings need careful packaging if they’re going to make it safely to their destination.

Start by carefully wrapping each painting in Glassine. Glassine is a smooth, glossy transparent paper that does a great job of keeping out air, grease, and water. This protects you paintings from smudging accidentally during transit. You can technically substitute plastic wrap in a pinch, but Glassine is superior.

After you’ve wrapped a painting up in a layer or two of Glassine, wrap it in bubble wrap. This provides extra cushioning against impacts. It’s best to use two to three bubble wrap layers for extra protection.

Once a painting is protected with bubble wrap and glassine, you can box it. The best box is usually the one it came in, if you still have it available. If not, flat boxes from modern LCD TVs and monitors can work very well. Fill in any extra space with packing peanuts if the box is bigger than the painting. For very large pieces of art, you can use a bicycle box, which tends to be large and flat.

If your painting is really large — think Dali’s masterworks or Picasso’s Guernica — a good moving company can help provide you with a customized crate. There are also moving companies who specialize specifically in fine art, which may be worth looking into if you’re a serious art collector.

For sculptures, custom crating is generally the best option. Flimsy cardboard probably won’t cut it, especially if you own sculptures made from breakable materials like porcelain or marble. Again, moving companies generally offer crating services, as do specialty companies who move fine art for museums and private collectors.

Moving Antique Furniture

Fine art isn’t the only valuable, irreplaceable thing you might own. Antique furniture is also one-of-a-kind, yet usually more fragile than modern pieces. Wooden crates are recommended for antiques, and special moving blankets and pads are available to provide extra impact protection and prevent scratching.

Consider Fine Art Moving Insurance

In most locations, moving companies are prohibited from offering insurance policies. However, moving insurance is something you can actually buy separately, and it’s highly recommended for long distance moves. Believe it or not, there are actually companies that provide specialized fine art moving insurance policies for fine art and antiques. You might want to consider such a policy, because homeowner’s insurance and regular moving insurance may not cover damages to your art pieces.

Insurance protects you against damage or loss during the move. It can’t replace a one-of-a-kind painting or sculpture, but it can at least ensure that you receive adequate financial compensation if something were to happen to it. If you own art or antiques that are highly valuable, this might be worth doing.

Safe Moving for Fine Art

Moving fine art and antiques can be challenging, but a good moving company can help guide you in the right direction. You may be responsible for packing the items yourself, and you’ll need to take extra care to keep them protected. But if possible, working with a company that has fine arts experience, or that specializes in moving these kinds of items, might be your best choice if you own an extensive art collection.

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Moving Services

Best Los Angeles Moving Company

When you’re thinking of moving within the greater Los Angeles area, then you have to find the best Los Angeles moving company to work with. You want them to be able to move your items, so you do not have to worry about doing so on your own. Knowing the benefits to hiring a Los Angeles moving company is also a good thing to think about. Here are some reasons that a moving company within the area might be a good idea to go with before the time comes for you to move all of your stuff on your own.

Benefits of Hiring a Los Angeles Moving Company

When you hire a Los Angeles moving company, you do not have to worry about getting together a bunch of friends and family to help you move when the time comes. You also do not have to worry about moving all of your items on your own when moving day approaches. You can focus on the other things that need to be done for your move, such as switching your address, instead of having to worry about putting boxes on a truck. The moving company comes with the necessary tools needed to get your items up on their truck and to the new place. You just have to focus on putting all of your items in the boxes and getting them ready for the move.

Attention to Detail Moving Company

One of the best Los Angeles moving companies out there is Attention to Detail Moving. They are based in Simi Valley but they service all of Los Angele, Ventura and Orange County. The company was started in 2011 and has hundreds of moves experiences. They offer everything from apartment and condo moves to long distance cross country moves, no job is to big or small. They even offer piano moving and moving storage units for bulky items that needs to wait until the home is ready to move into.

Their staff is some of the best in the world. Everyone on their staff has a military or armed forces training. Their teams has over 100 years of combined moving experience and doesn’t finish until the job is done. All of their employees are insured and know exactly what they are doing. Their team always has a P.L.A.N of action for every move. “Inspired by the men and women who serve this great nation, Attention to Detail moving strives to maintain the discipline and core values of our military.”

Check out all that comes with the Los Angeles moving company and what they have to provide. Speak with Attention to Details Moving Company to find out how they’re able to provide you with the necessary moving help you’re in need of. You want them to provide you with this, so you can feel good about being able to easily grab the benefits that come from moving with a company that you can trust.

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An Excellent Guide on How to Get the Most Out of Your Pearl Jewellery Investment

While making jewellery purchase, everyone looks for a great deal and wants to get the most out of the invested money. When you look at different pieces of pearl jewelery, the temptation of getting something at economical cost is powerful. However, make sure that you don’t get befooled by a dishonest seller.

Suggestions to Buy Pearl Pieces

  • Pay Attention To Deal

Given the availability of varied cultured pearls in the market, pearls are as expensive as they were once. Pay attention to the pearl that you are buying, and check for its originality. Ensure that the chosen piece is not chipped, broken, weak or unauthentic.

  • Selecting Versatile Pieces

While choosing pearl jewellery, keep in mind that it is not just once that you would be wearing that piece. Hence, select a pearl that can be worn with multiple dresses, and in various settings. Don’t go for anything “flashy”, if you are unlikely to wear that again.

However, what makes pearls most distinguishing and adorable from others is the fact that these pieces can be easily combined with various wardrobes, thereby making it a safe investment as compared to other gemstones.

  • Go For A Well Known Seller

While investing your hard earned money on pearls, make sure that you choose a reliable and trustworthy seller. Before selecting any seller, read reviews completely and ensure that the seller has good customer support team that can assist on issues you may be facing with precious pieces.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, especially for jewellery, therefore spend time for selecting a well-known seller prior to investing your money.


Pearls are the most precious and amazing pieces that can be gifted to your loved ones on special occasions. However, check for the originality of gem before buying anything.

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