December 2021



Why is composite decking better than wood?

Composite decking is meant to be a better, more efficient, and more environmentally sustainable option than traditional wood decks. There are indeed a number of advantages, some of which are examined below:

What are the advantages of composite decking?

  • Minimum maintenance requirements

The biggest advantage of composite decking is the fact that it requires minimal maintenance.

  • Durability.

A traditional wood deck can be damaged by the elements, however composite decking is resistant to them by nature. Composite decking is impermeable to water and resistant to fungi, rot and mildew. In addition, composite decks are typically much stronger than traditional wooden decks, and so they are very resistant to indents and wear traffic.

  • Traction.

Most surfaces, wood included, can get slippery when wet. However, composite decking offers traction that prevents slipping when the surface gets wet. It is important to note that not all composite decking has this characteristic.

  • Environmental sustainability.

Because composite decking is made from recycled materials, it directly reduces the amount of garbage that goes to the landfills and the impact on the environment. Composite decking directly benefits the environment by being made from recycled material.

  • Vibrant and permanent design

Composite decking provides a permanent and more vibrant option to wood decking. Unlike painting and staining, composite decking does not fade over time.

  • Safe from splinters.

With composite decking, there is no possibility of getting injured by splinters as you enjoy your beautiful day.

  • Long-term cost efficiency.

Because composite decking does not require regular maintenance that takes up time and costs,it will save you money over time compared to wood decks.

Is composite decking worth the extra money?

Ultimately, it’s up to you, the homeowner, to make this decision. As always, it’s a balance of several factors, price being only one of them. There are short-term and long-term factors to consider, but our company has tremendous experience with all kinds of decking and we have come to conclude that composite decking is currently the optimal choice.

What is bad about composite decking?

The key disadvantages of composite decking are its high price and the less natural look than that of wood decking materials.

Delta Decks are your decking pros in Toronto, please contact us to discuss all options. Our decking portfolio says it all.

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How to Enjoy Your Landscaping Throughout the Winter Months


Summer, spring, and even the autumn season are full of colors, textures, and life. Your landscape looks bright and colorful. However, it looks quite uninteresting during the winter months. Let’s change that. While you make adjustments to your landscape, you may need to search for “topsoil near me” to source the best quality topsoil for your yard or garden. Let’s check out how you can make adjustments to your landscape to enjoy it through the winter months: 

The Ways 

  1. Look at the bark – Deciduous trees are quite adaptive and lose their leaves to conserve resources and reduce chances of damage during the winter. While that makes the tree look barren and lifeless, it doesn’t need to be that way. While they lose their leaves, they may have very distinctive branching and patterns on the bark on the trunk. Use that to your advantage.

The distinct look adds to the winter features and makes those trees grand ornamental structures. For interesting branch interest, you can add trees like Gingko, Eucalyptus, Cherry, Osage Orange, and Birch. There are also shrubs that would add tons of color and interest to your winter landscape. Some of those shrubs include witch hazel, paperbush, winter daphne, and more. Apart from structural interest, they also have sweet fragrances that will take you to springtime.

  1. Plants with berries – Winter doesn’t need to be a season of white snow and a million shades of grey if you can help it. Try adding color with berry plants that hold onto their fruits even during the fall and winter seasons. The American Cranberry Viburnum is one such plant. Another such plant is the red-twig dogwood. As the name suggests, it has distinctive and bold red stems with berries held together in small clusters.

You can also add shrubs with berries that are especially liked by feathered strangers. For instance, the staghorn sumac is a shrub that spreads quickly and has ferny leaves that turn bold red during the snowy months. Moreover, they grow clusters of dark red fruits that hold on till the winter season and add birds like vireos and robins to your property to add life and vibrance to your winter landscape.

  1. Add evergreens – Evergreens are the workhorses of the plant world, especially during winter when most other plants are dormant and just getting by. First of all, there’s a prevalent misconception that needs to be cleared. Just because they are called evergreens, it doesn’t mean that they only come in green. You can find all sorts of colors in evergreens to add to your winter landscape.

For instance, there’s the silver Korean fir that has narrow pointy clusters of leaves that are green on one side and white on the other side. Want to add some autumn hue to your winter landscape? Add the weeping white pine. The tree looks like a waterfall with thin and long leaves drooping downwards while the pines add interesting shades of red, orange, and brown. You can also add the blue spruce tree that looks like a big furry white Christmas tree.

Evergreens also make for great aesthetics. Moreover, they don’t just make your winter landscape look interesting, but also become a focal point on your property throughout the year. If you’re planting new flower beds or a winter vegetable patch, you can add an evergreen on either end.

  1. Cover the shrubs – Your winter landscape can get ruined if your carefully grown trees, shrubs, and plant beds are ruined by salt. If you have shrubs or plant beds near roads or other kinds of high-traffic areas, make sure to cover them with a sheet or tarp to protect from the road salt that’s used to melt ice.

You can do the same for plants that are close to your walkways and driveways. When you de-ice your roadways or walkways, salt can get to the nearby plants if they aren’t protected. Make sure that when you salt, you use guidelines, some sort of border, and use it sparingly and keep away from the tree roots. 

  1. Use your hardscape – Winter is a great time to assess your landscape. You may not need to rely on your plants at all. Move around your garden, yard, walkways and cover all of the outdoor areas of your property. Make some notes about the winter interest features you can add.

For instance, you can add fountains, an arbor, or even garden benches. Winter is the best time to consider hardscape since most plants are dormant. Moreover, the days are abysmally short during the winter. You have the best time of the year to consider the lighting of your property.  Add garden lights and fixtures to highlight certain winter features and draw everyone’s attention to your property when the sun goes down.

  1. Beautify summertime containers – It’s time to jazz up your summertime containers to make them suitable for winter landscaping. For instance, you can wooden baskets, hanging boxes, and all sorts of containers from all sorts of materials to add more character and color to your winter landscape. For instance, you can create a green crown with branches from evergreen trees and add a bunch of pinecones for a more earthy color.

You can also decorate with colorful fruits. For instance, you can trim small shrubs and add citrus fruits to a container to make a winter porch pot. Get a boxwood shrub and fill a wide container with it. At the base, you can add granny apples while the empty space at the top can be filled with a garland of citrus fruits threaded with a thick needle and twine.


You don’t need to look at a dead and dull landscape during the winter months. You can jazz it up with evergreens, plants with berries, or even rely on your hardscaping features. In most cases, you may need some fresh soil that can be sourced by searching for “topsoil near me” on the internet.

Complete land scape solutions act as a beacon for public spaces. Be it a sprawling park or a compact urban nook, these solutions elevate the area’s character. The ripple effect is undeniable; enhancing community spaces fosters social interactions, bolsters mental well-being, and serves as a testament to the benefits of harmonizing urbanization with nature.

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One of The Most Secure and Profitable Investments

Turn-key real estate investment solutions are gaining popularity amongst people who have a flair for property investing. Real estate investing is one of the most lucrative options one could take in investing in property. In such a scenario, it is imperative to find reliable income-generating options to earn a substantial profit. The only way to achieve this is by hiring dependable income-generating assets and then developing them into income-generating properties. The best way to find real estate investment solutions that are viable and lucrative is to research the internet.

It is not just the rich and famous who have access to high-end and exclusive real estate properties. Every individual who has the technical knowledge and money to invest in such properties has access to them. However, one cannot just jump into it without proper investment guidance—one of the best turn-key real estate investment solutions in property management.

Property management companies offer turn-key real estate investment solutions. If you own your real estate investment properties and want to make good money from them, you need to manage them efficiently. Managing real estate properties effectively means ensuring that tenants pay rent on time and that the house or building remains in good condition. There are several ways in which property management companies provide turn-key real estate investment solutions.

One of the best and reliable ways to manage investment property is to hire a property managing company. They will give you excellent investment guidance that will help you invest in the right property at the right time. These companies also ensure that you do not invest more than you can afford to lose. They also offer turn-key services to their clients so that they do not need to spend a lot of time or money learning how to invest in real estate.

Another way to find good deals for investment properties is to look for investment properties online. Several websites help property buyers and sellers find good deals. You can use these sites to your advantage when looking for good deals as well. In addition, several real estate investment companies have websites where you can find good deals. Before signing up with any of the real estate investment companies, you should read the terms and conditions of the contract so that you know what you are getting into and so that you are confident about investing your money in real estate.

Property management companies also provide income-generating opportunities. You can earn income through rental income or your share in the profits of the property management company. The profit percentage depends mainly on the type of investment property you have and the location of it. In addition, you may be able to increase your income by diversifying into other investments in real estate. An excellent real estate investment company will be able to advise you on how to maximize your revenue from property management.

You can also choose to get an apartment complex as an investment property. Apartments are always popular because they offer a steady stream of income. The payment amount depends on the rent you pay and the number of tenants that occupy your apartment complex. It also depends on the condition of the building. If the complex has a perfect security system and keeps the complex well maintained, you can expect to earn more money.

Once you have built up your real estate investment portfolio, you can sell or lease the properties to earn a return. First, it would help to look at different properties to see which one will fetch you a better income. Once you have a good idea about which property will bring you a higher income, then you can go ahead and purchase this property to make a turn-key investment portfolio.

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