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Make Packing your Belongings Easier

Moving to a new home can be both exciting and overwhelming, especially if you think of the packing part of the process. Packing your belongings is a long and tedious process as you try to catch up with the time left before the moving date. That is why you should not wait until the last minute to begin packing your items. If you choose to pack some of your stuff, ensure you use high-quality packing boxes & packaging materials for sale. But, if you want to free yourself of the stress involved, hire the services of professional removalists. In case you just cannot avoid a last-minute packing, here are tips you should keep in mind:

Create a List of what to Pack

Before you start packing your stuff, walk through your house to evaluate those items you want to take to your new home and those who want to get rid of or leave behind. Create a list of items that you will pack, donate, and trash. This will help keep yourself organized.

Start Packing Early in the Day

When you decide to pack your items on a particular day, start early in the morning. This will give you enough time to take care of other last-minute tasks. Check and ensure you track your items, especially the valuable ones such as heirlooms, jewelry, and electronic devices. It is easy to overlook essential items you really do not want to forget. Getting an early start will give yourself the time to stop and double-check your lists as well as ensure everything is ready to go.

Ensure the Packaging Supplies are Ready

This is a last-minute moving tip that you should not overlook. Ensuring your supplies are ready will save yourself wasted time as you realize you don’t have a packing tape or scissors. Buy packaging boxes and supplies in advance and gather them in one place.

Start Packing One Room at a Time

Usually, it can be overwhelming to think of packing your entire house into boxes and bags. Thus, you must pack room by room to streamline your move and enjoy the peace of mind. This will increase your productivity and get your job done faster.

Begin with Bigger Rooms

When choosing a room, consider starting big and ending small. Begin with communal spaces like dining and living rooms, and then move into bedrooms and bathrooms. Packing items in smaller rooms last will make your last-minute packing less stressful.

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Packers & Movers

Efficient and affordable storage with Pack & Store

About Pack & Store

We, Pack & Store are the providers of the cheapest storage space in Singapore. Our aim as the cheapest storage space in Singapore is to provide highly convenient packing and storage facilities to Singaporeans. Our tagline is ‘Storage at your doorstep’ perfectly describes our service.

Our efficient service

Our efficient service as the cheapest storage space in Singapore involves just four steps. Firstly, place your order through our website. Schedule the drop off and pick up times. Next, we will deliver the boxes ad packing materials to your house. Pack your items and secure the box with temper evident label. Lastly, we will pick up your boxes and items right at your doorstep.

Our specialty

As the leading providers of cheapest storage space in Singapore, we operate 13 hours a day and 6 days a week. You only need to pay for the boxes or items you store. We also provide free boxes and packing materials. Our long term customers are entitled to a 10% discount off storage rental for storage for 6 months or more. We provide hassle-free retrieval option. These are some of the factors that had results us in being the highly favoured providers of cheapest storage space in Singapore.

What’s good with us?

Despite being the cheapest storage space in Singapore, we never sacrifice the quality of our service. We put quality at the forefront as we highly value our customers. Our high quality storage space service comes with very reasonable and affordable price.

More importantly, we come to your doorstep. You do not have to load and unload your things on your own. You also do not need to battle with the traffic to reach our facility. You do not even get out of the compounds of your house.

All it takes is a few clicks from your side and your packing and storing will be sorted in no time.

Choose us!

We stay true to our words! The rental starts from as low as $8 per box and $12 per bulky item. This price range has been quoted by our clients as being highly affordable. Choose us for high quality service which is at the same time, cheap and convenient.

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Check These Pointers To Choose A Good Mover

Work, personal reasons, divorce, or pure traveling – Shifting places can be fun, no matter the reason. However, beside the whole pleasure of designing and creating a new space, you also need to deal with the unwanted hassles like packing and unpacking. Also, there’s a need to be extra cautious about the entire process, because you don’t want to break, lose or damage your hard-earned and loved belongings. Instead of taking the task, you can hire a service for the job. If you are looking for Moving Services Orlando, here are the tips you need.


  • First and foremost, don’t choose a company because they have been spending massively on their ads and promotions. Instead, look for services that have a good name in the market. Check their market reputation, and you can even ask your friends and family for referrals. If you have chosen a company from the web, you can ask them to give references of their clients.
  • One of the better ideas is to get an estimate for the entire work. Most part of it depends on the kind of service you choose. Some companies may offer packing and loading services, and there may be extra charge for the same. Other factors that depend on thing that distance of shifting or travel needs, packing material requirements and need for manual labor. You can pay a small fee for the packing and labeling work too, if you don’t have the time.
  • What kind of transport will the company offer? How long will it take for the truck to reach the destination? Do they have in-transit insurance? Do they offer assistance for any other kind of damage? These are just some of the questions that you need to ask. Keep in mind that these questions are important for the sheer fact that your goods will be in their charge.
  • Don’t miss on checking the estimate in detail. Does it include the packing charges? Sometimes, companies charge their customers for hidden costs at the last minute. You don’t want to fall for an ad that talk of ‘cheap rates’ and pay a huge price later. Just make sure that the estimate is final and the best that a service can offer. Of course, it is always a better idea to choose a known service over others, even if the price is a tad higher.


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Author Bio – James Bailey has worked in all phases of the moving industry. He writes extensively about moving to help educate the public and to empower the consumer.
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