April 2019


Social Media and Brand Communications

Brand Communications – test of retention rate

We’re constantly encircled by brands. Everywhere we glance we are able to see brands but what amount of the brand communication is retained by the brain? What’s the recall rate?

Here is a simple test I usually follow

Have you read today’s morning newspaper?

Inform us what section have you read? News / sports / Entertainment / Classified?

Which sections would you usually read?

Remember the a minumum of one brand for you in the current newspaper. Which could it be?

Remember a brandname for you last evening on television? Which could it be?

Name a brandname you saw on some outside media while visiting this Conference. Which could it be?

Remember any celebrity name connected using the brand?

An easy test of brand name retention would inform us that just the large brands who are able to manage to operate a all over multimedia advertising campaign are retained in people’s mind. Additionally diet supplements also plays a large role. Typically, just the large companies have had the ability to hire an advertisement agency or PR agency and run such advertisement and brand building campaigns. The entities within the medium and small (SME) sector, solo entrepreneurs, start-ups however usually have used means like pamphlets and flier distributions, newspaper ads or networking and person to person marketing.

With internet and social media things are altering. Social media is really a digital form of the great old word-of-mouth marketing. Today, social media is easily the most simple and easy , economical way of communication.


To merely define, ‘social media’ is an accumulation of simple, simple to learn and adapt, freely available online tools and platforms you can use to achieve to an international audience. The defining factor about social media may be the ‘ability to determine real-time dialogue in multimedia formats.’ Traditional media like Ad films, Radio, TV, Newspapers, outside hoardings, corporate websites are one of the ways medium. However social media tools like blogs, social systems, picture and video discussing enables two-way communications that is friendly, open and democratic and just put, ‘social.’

But ‘cost effective’ isn’t the only factor

We ought to not discuss social media just being economical. That seems like social media is pertinent just for individuals segments of entrepreneurs who can’t afford mainstream media brand communication. No, it isn’t a situation of “grapes are sour.” It is not only concerning the money, had that been the situation the high most brands in India wouldn’t have became a member of the Social Media bandwagon.

Even NASA uses social systems ought to be fact it will an excellent job in internet marketing. Surely a business like NASA wouldn’t be here when they did not observe that economical or otherwise social media offers another type of brand communication that has not been possible using every other type of traditional media.

Why is everyone joining social media?

Due to the revolutionary magical distinction between traditional media and social media – the opportunity to set up a dialogue with, listen and react to most effective and quickest whenever, wherever as well as in whichever format.


Two-way communication

Longer shelf existence

Every brand includes a story every entrepreneur includes a story, a reason a mission that they begin. Social media provides the brand the capability to inform their tales.

The Social Consumers

The amount of online users in India has entered 100 million this September. It’s predicted that by 50 percent years India would overtake U . s . States in becoming the biggest country to be internet. You will find presently 38 million Indians on Facebook. This many individuals are the social consumers.

Social consumers aren’t the same as traditional consumers for the reason that they no more take purchase decisions simply by watching a TV commercial or outside hoarding or newspaper ad. They need more from the brand. It’s no longer enough to inform, “We chose to make this cream, if you put it on, you’d become fair.” The social now really wants to understanding and why I’d become fair? Cure have grown to be fair? What were their encounters along the way?

Just how to connect with social consumers

The social consumers visit their particular social systems to discover more on a brandname and then suggest an order. They’re going using the brand that extends an amiable hands towards them, a brandname that shares its tales heart to heart using the consumers.

A brandname is capable of that just when you are present around the social systems, utilizing the same tools and platforms the individuals are using for his or her daily communications. The company needs to rise over the same kind of sales and target oriented avarice and also have to exhibit respect and love for that consumers. They need to reveal that they are concerned to pay attention and respond that they’re sporting enough to deal with negative remarks with dignity.

The social media singapore agency would work out a plan for your specific online presence needs. They would ensure that you do not have to test out different ideas that may or may not work. They know what would work for you.

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Different Types Of Packaging To Consider

People can judge the quality of any product just by looking at its packaging box itself. This is not just a coincidence that all the successful companies give more thrust to their packaging of the item.

Though it is very clear that packaging is very important for the success of any product. However, over the years there are no great changes taken place within the packaging industries. Therefore, often it becomes a bit hard to choose the right custom boxes for certain products.

Following are few of the options available in the market as a suitable packaging option.

  • Paperboard boxes

Since paperboard boxes are usually paper based material and hence they tend to be light weight but yet strong enough for the product. They can be very easily cut to any shape to fit any kind of product.

  • Corrugated boxes

These types of boxes are usually made of card board, which is largely used for shipping various kinds of items. They are available in many different types based on the weight of the product to be packaged inside.

  • Plastic boxes

Plastic can always be used for a very wide product ranges right from spaceships to even paper clips. Number of traditional items e.g. leather, wood, glass, ceramic, and more has already been replaced with plastic.

  • Rigid boxes

Rigid boxes are made out of very highly condensed paperboard which is 4-times thicker than paperboard that is used in construction of certain standard folding carton.

One of the easiest examples of real-world rigid boxes can be the boxes, which hold Apple’s iPhones or iPads that are two-piece setup for rigid boxes.

  • Chipboard packaging

This type of packaging can be found mostly in the electronic, cosmetic, food, medical and beverages. Such packaging boxes are generally built by using reclaimed paper stock. They can be easily folded and formed. This is a very cost-effective option for packaging.

  • Poly bags

These bags are also known as plastic bag or pouch, which are produced by using thin, flexible, plastic film fabric. They are used for wide ranges of products e.g. waste chemicals, flowers, food items, chemicals, waste, magazines etc.

  • Foil sealed bags

Such foil sealed bags can generally be seen in any tea or coffee packaging. Because it can keep the products dense in order to maintain its flavor, and also protects it from different bacteria contamination, thus helps to increase the products shelf life.

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