Why Install a Security Screen?

A security screen is basically a second door that can be installed in front of the main door leading inside the house. Most security screens usually have a strong and durable wire mesh installed in the middle, held by a frame that’s either made of wood or any durable metal such as aluminium or stainless steel. The prices of different security screens usually vary depending upon a variety of factors, such as the material that it’s made from, the craftsmanship, and the company’s profit margins. There are numerous companies in Bunbury that provide security screens at affordable prices. Here are some major reasons why you should consider installing a security screen in your house.

Additional Security

The obvious reason why you should consider purchasing Bunbury security screens is because they offer significantly improved security. Basically, you are adding another layer of security and protection to your place apart from the main door. Even if you leave the main door unlocked, you don’t have to worry because the security screen will be properly locked. Most people think that crashing through a security screen is easy, but that’s not true at all. In fact, many security screens are considerably resistant to impact, and you can even install an alarm to prevent unauthorised access to your place.

Better Ventilation

Another reason why you should consider installing a security screen in your house is because it offers significantly improved ventilation throughout the place. During the summer months, you can just leave the main door open to allow air inside the house. If there’s a wire mesh installed within the security screen, you don’t even have to worry about mosquitoes or flies entering your house.

Saves Money

For a lot of people, a significant amount of the money that they make goes into electricity and utility bills on a monthly basis. However, instead of turning on your air conditioner regularly during the summer months, you could just leave the main door open, while keeping the security screen locked. This will allow air throughout the house, thus cooling down the temperature significantly. If you want to save money on your air conditioning during the summer months, this is a fantastic option. During the winter months, you can remove the wire mesh and install glass panels on the security screens. This adds another layer of insulation to the doors, thus preventing the heat from the house from escaping outdoors.

Natural Light

Another lesser known advantage of installing a security screen in your house is the fact that they allow natural light throughout the house. If the main door opens in the lounge, you can install a security screen at your place to keep the door open during the course of the day. This prevents environmental debris and pollution from entering your place, while still allowing natural light to enter your house. You don’t need to keep the lights on all throughout the day, which ultimately reduces your electricity bills by a significant margin.