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Why Hiring a Man With a Van is The Best Way to Tackle Your Move

No matter whether you are moving 5 miles or 50 miles, moving is stressful. There are boxes to pack, boxes to unpack, stairs and even elevators to navigate. Not to mention that you need to find a way to fit all your worldly belongings into a van before you head off to your new home.

Then, let’s not forget that you will need to set everything up in your new home, right after you have finished taking it all down in your old home. Talk about exhausting!

So if you are planning a move then finding a man with a van for hire in London or in the city where you live, is a top decision.

Still not convinced? Then keep reading for more info on how a man with a van can make your move a breeze!

Take the stress out of packing

Packing is a pain—there is no way around it. All of us have important personal possessions that we are terrified to lose or damage due to their personal significance or worth. To ensure that you have everything packed safely so that nothing breaks, you will need to pack things just right. This means that you need to ensure that your boxes are filled properly. If they aren’t, your items could be damaged or crushed.

Yet before you even begin packing, first you need to get your hands on enough sturdy boxes. The last thing you want is for your box to collapse under the weight of its contents. Once you have your boxes the next hurdle is to actually find the time to pack them. If you have time constraints due to your move date or your working hours, it may be difficult to find time to pack at all.
So, why not avoid the strain of packing entirely by finding a man with a van for hire? Beyond just transporting your goods, some movers will bring sturdy boxes for you to pack with or even help you pack for an extra fee.

Move large furniture

Large furniture isn’t just awkward to move, it is heavy too. If you don’t have experience lifting heavy objects you could potentially injure yourself in the process.

Sometimes, hiring a man with a van isn’t just about convenience, it is about safety too. Your mover has experience relocating heavy objects. Experience which allows them to create a safe and efficient plan for moving each heavy object.

To ensure that your professional arrives with the right transportation materials to safely move your heavy furniture or piano, it is best to provide them with a detailed list of your heaviest objects well in advance of your move date.


When it comes to moving, you simply can’t beat the efficiency of a professional. They know how to pack your things, deliver them to your new home and unload your boxes in the appropriate rooms in an expedient and efficient manner.

When most of us move, we are often operating under a limited timeframe, which is dependent on work schedules, move in and move out dates. Due to these time constraints, efficiency becomes an even higher priority.

Yet, spatial challenges and a mountain of boxes can create what seems like an impossible hurdle to conquer. Don’t let your mountain of boxes dictate how your move will roll. Hire a professional who can help you navigate boxes up stairs, and in elevators. Then before you know it, your mountain of boxes will be packed up in the van, and unpacked in your home!

Move Your Furniture To its Location

Transporting your furniture to a new location is another challenge unto itself. If you don’t have a mover you will need to pack up all the boxes into the van on your own. Then you will need to get them to where they need to go all under the strain and stress of trying to coordinate the perfect move.

So, why not remove this additional stressor and hire a local service provider to help you navigate the difficulties of your move? It’s an investment you won’t regret.