What You Need To Know To Hire The Perfect Cleaning Service For Your Company

The presentation is great; they usually start well soon after the problems arise. You temporize, ask for adjustments, change the tone, demand, and complain. Conclusion: the relationship deteriorates, the promised service is not delivered, and you end up not renewing or breaking the contract. And it starts all over again: quotations, presentations, adaptations, nothing more exhausting for the administrator.

But what’s wrong? Are you correctly evaluating the main aspects of a cleaning company that will guarantee the quality of service you need? See the guide we prepared so that your next cleaning company is the last.

Proactive or reactive customer service? The prerequisite of a professional cleaning company is proactivity. Your employees must anticipate issues and resolve them before they even reach you. After everything is resolved, they should report what happened, and the measures are taken.


You are hiring a professional cleaning company such as Euro-Maids for example to tell you what to do and how to do it, not for you to tell them what to do. Check if the company serves or has already served spaces with activities similar to yours. Ask for references and a list of current clients. Two simple measures that will help you assess your new partner’s level of experience and avoid many headaches.

Services Offered

Make sure they are experts in cleaning all the features and materials in your environment. If they don’t have expertise in cleaning vinyl floors, for example, and you have a 100 m² entrance hall covered in this material, why continue the conversation? Close the complete package that includes glass cleaning, the different types of floors and coverings in your space, periods and places for deep cleaning, and adequate hours to carry out the services according to your activity.


Who will supervise the cleaning staff? Is there a chain of command to escalate issues before they become unavoidable? In commercial cleaning franchise companies, such as Jani-King, it is the franchisees themselves – the business owners – who supervise their employees’ work. Nothing is better than “the owner’s eye” to guarantee the delivery of the desired results.

Products And Equipment

Check if the contract offered covers all the products and equipment necessary for cleaning your environment and go further: ask which manufacturers and make sure they are reputable companies such as Rental Cleaning Services in Naperville, IL for example in the market.


If your commercial condominium is a candidate for LEED 2000 or your company encourages sustainability practices, check that the cleaner you are hiring uses products that are not harmful to the environment and have experience in collection and recycling, for example. Even better – and safer – if they have some environmental certification –there will be no more doubts.

Liability Check The Cleaning Company’s

insurance policies and what exactly they cover. Accidents happen, and she has to be prepared to take responsibility for those caused by her activity. Otherwise, your loss will be great. If you are looking for a cleaning company with all these features and many other benefits, fill out the form on the side to find out what Jani-King can offer. We are specialists in professional cleaning and have long partnerships with our customers.