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What Kind of Diet is Best Suited for your Pet Dog?

Feeding vegetarian food to your dog would be a personal decision. It would probably be decided because of your own personal preferences. The Vegetarian Society has plenty of information on feeding a veggie diet to your dog, specifically to make sure the basic nutrients have been provided. They would suggest that if your dog has been brought up on a meat diet; make the transformation to a vegetarian diet gradually.

Suited for Pet Dog

Bulk vs Energy

With active dogs, there would be a problem of bulk versus energy. You would be advised to consult the vet for guidance to make sure that adequate energy could be obtained from the amount of food given. The major issue with natural feeding of a veggie diet would seem to be complete bulk of food required to make sure complete and full nutrition.

Ingredients incorporated in diet

A large number of ingredients could be incorporated into the diet.

Ingredients incorporated in diet


Green vegetables have been a great way of boosting the immune system of your dog. You could feed these raw or cooked. Raw carrot would make for a healthy treat. Moreover, vegetables have been possibly better for dogs than fruits. Potato should be cooked. Mashed potato has been deemed most suitable ingredient for home cooking.


In the wild, dogs would have hunted for windfall fruit along with digesting the remains of fruit eaten by other animals when they pick over the carcass. Therefore, giving your dog fruit would not be as strange as it might sound. Fresh fruit has been packed full of anti-oxidants, vitamins and all sorts of healthy nutrients. Therefore, it would be great for keeping your dog in top condition. Few fruits would be quite acidic and might not be good for dogs with digestive or skin issues.

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If you would like to vary the protein that you are feeding to provide a good range of amino acids, fish would be an ideal food. Fish, specifically oily varieties have been a good source of omega 3 and 6 oils.


Rice has been universally recommended. Brown rice would be most preferred, but make sure that it has been well cooked, so that your dog could get the maximum benefits.

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