What are the ways to make changes to a pdf document?

Depending on your budget requirements, you can edit pdf online or can use some other ways as follows.

Some of the ways to edit pdf documents

Online converters

Let us assume that you are about to attend an interview and you have to change the date printed on your old resume to the current date of the event. So, you would take your resume. If it is in the word format, you can change it within a matter of seconds. However, the majority of our vital documents would be in pdf format for security purposes. You could not edit a pdf as it is. So, you should use a pdf editor to make the changes. As the need is short-term and you need not use it after your interview, the best option for you to solve the issue is to use the online free tools available for pdf editing and conversion online. If you have a mobile or a computer with an internet connection, you can find tons of websites and tools out there that can do this. Either you can edit the pdf file as it is by uploading it to these websites or you can convert the desired resume file into a word document and make the changes later. If you go with a pdf converter, you have to convert the corrected document into the pdf format after your editing. So, you can change the date of your resume easily using these online free tools. As they are available for free, there will not be any expenses for the editing processes. However, you could not find some extra features of pdf conversion on these tools.

Google docs

Another free way of converting a pdf file into something else to edit the content is the use of Google docs. Google docs is a free word processing feature offered by Google. All you have to keep in your hands is the pdf file and a Google account. Once you have them, you can upload the pdf file into this Google docs and make the necessary edits as you wish. It will cost you nothing to use this feature of Google. However, you would have to convert or edit one by one only.

Paid converters


If you have a budget for pdf conversion, you can choose to buy a pdf converter that could help you make edits in a pdf document without any type of hassles. As you are paying real money, you will get hold of a tool that is created solely to convert pdf documents and edit them whenever you want. You will find some extra features like OCR technology and batch conversion that will make your work look professional and quick. For instance, OCR technology would make sure that your content is being converted as it is without any deviations. Batch conversion will help you upload several files at the same time and make necessary edits and conversions.