Want to Renovate Your Home To Add Value? Here Are Three Ways to do it:

Before “house flipping” became a hot real estate and investment trend, people were still renovating homes with the idea that, one day; the upgrades might help in the resale of that home.  It has always been a smart investment because while there is great work and cost involved, you get to enjoy the immediate benefits of a more comfortable home while appreciating the long term benefit of a sale in the future.

Of course, you do have to know how to invest your time and money so that it will, in fact, benefit you in the long and the short. As such, here are three ways to renovate your home for both short term and long term benefit.


One of the easiest ways to improve the look of your home—making it more inviting to you and your family as well as potential buyers in the future—is to increase something called “curb appeal”.  Curb appeal can be very simple, and affordable.

For example, you could simply replace your front door with a stronger one or a door with more elegant detailing.  Actually, a new door can help with energy costs, too.

In addition, you could replace the vinyl siding, which is basically like applying a fresh coat of paint.

Finally, you could add some landscaping accents. If the yard is big enough, this is a definite must, as it will help to bring the space together (and not look like just an open expanse).


Many real estate investors will say that renovating the Renovco kitchen renovations are among the smartest moves you can make.  This is the room used more often and more consistently by everyone in the house.  It is a big focal point of a home. Consider replacing the major appliances to accommodate large families or heavy traffic; do not overlook flooring and lighting as well.


These are probably the most difficult of the three we will look at now, but this can be a very smart investment.  Bathroom renovations can be simple—a fresh coat of paint, a new toilet or sink, an eco-friendly upgrade—but they can also be quite difficult too. If you want to expand the space, for example, it might require new plumbing and new wiring.