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Top Things to Do Before Moving Into a New Home

If there were a “top 10” list of life’s biggest headaches, you know moving would be on it, maybe even at the top. You have a to-do list upon move-in that will fill up your time for several days. Things like changing your address, setting up utilities, Internet, and TV, enrolling your kids in a new school, and much more. Before you start filling up the new house with family belongings, here are some ideas for taking care of it at the easiest time possible – when it’s empty.

Deep Cleaning

You don’t have to move furniture or work around objects, so pre-move is a great time to deep-clean carpets, wipe down baseboards, closets, and kitchen cabinets. If your move-in schedule doesn’t allow enough time, consider hiring a cleaning service to help get these tasks done. Give appliances a wipe-down, too. Empty refrigerators are easier to clean than those filled with food. Same goes for freezers, ovens, dishwashers, and microwaves. Run the clothes washer with just soap and hot water and give the dryer a good once-over as well.

Pest Prevention

The last things you want in your new home are bugs or rodents, so arrange for an exterminator to spray around the house a few days before moving in. Doing this task early will prevent you from inadvertently exposing children and pets to chemicals used in pest prevention.


Landscaping is generally overlooked when a home is being sold because the occupants are focusing on packing and moving, too. Be sure to assess landscaping needs early. Depending on the season, you may need to begin watering immediately, followed by weeding and feeding, mowing, etc. Or it could be time to begin winterizing tasks to ensure you have a healthy landscape in the spring.
Air Duct Cleaning

If you’re buying the house, you hired a home inspector to ensure the furnace and hot-water heater were in good working order. What about the air ducts? These don’t get the attention they need, especially since they work all year long to cool or heat the home. Over time, dust and pollution can build up inside and pose a potential health hazard to your family. Contact a reputable company to get them cleaned. Comfort Air hvac services will also inspect the ducts for air leaks and make repairs or replacement, if needed, to help restore system efficiency.

Security Issues

Test smoke detectors and install new batteries. Since you can’t know who has keys, change all locks immediately and reprogram the security system, if there is one (don’t forget to reset the garage door code). Examine windows and assess the locks; you may want to boost security there. Sliding glass doors always have the flimsiest locks, so swing by your home repair store for a thick dowel or rod you can place in the door tracks to prevent entry after you lock up at night.

Hopefully, you’ll have access to the house for a few days before the moving van gets there, so take advantage of it and tackle these items beforehand. You won’t have this opportunity again until you move out.

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