Things to keep in mind while purchasing a used car

While taking the decision of purchasing a used car or not, there are several factors that are to be kept in mind. There are various things that a buyer needs to make sure before he makes the final purchase. The car, though promised to be in perfectly good working condition by the seller, might have a few compromises to it. There are various things that a person tries to hide in order to make the car look of a higher value to the buyer.

Exterior Condition

Though it is asked of the seller to make the buyer aware of the true condition of the car, it barely happens these days. The various exterior issues of the car, such as dents, scratches, rusting etc. might me hard for the buyer to look at in the first glance. A paint job might be done at times to hide these facts about the car.

The surface below the car also needs to be of a good condition. There might be rust there or a damaged exhaust or other parts that are not visible from over.

Interior Condition

Popping the hood is a necessary thing the buyer must do to check for any engine oil leaks, rusted engine parts or tampering of parts. Starting the car and taking it for a test drive might reveal various other flaws or faults of the car. The condition of the interior, like the seats, dashboard and so on must also be checked. The number of kilometers the car has run is also one of the factors to be looked at.

There are several used cars available on sale these days with a boom in the used car market. There are many cars that are popular with the people such as the Swift DZire, Volkswagen Polo, and used Hyundai i20 in Bangalore.