Supplier Management Software Solutions For Seamless Business Processes

Several businesses have a working relationship since the services they provide depend heavily on the services offered by another company. For instance, a heavy paperwork company benefits from a paper product provision company hence their working relationship with the paper company as the supplier. To effectively manage the suppliers, Supplier GATEWAY provides businesses with supplier management software that offers a business several solutions. The quality services offered by the platform have seen them attract over 5.5 million suppliers on their platform. Additionally, the software has received recognition from Gartner as a leader for supplier risk management solutions and WSJ, which puts it’s in the same level as Cargill and Amazon Business. The various solutions provided by the software include the following:

Supplier risk management

The SupplierGATEWAY software enables businesses to onboard their suppliers within days and not weeks or months. The onboarding gets done in a manner that minimizes supplier risk since the process cost-effectively mitigates risk. The software increases the onboarding speed, transparency, and consistency with a simplified step. The first process is capturing information in the initial stages and keeping them well organized and accessible, marking the second step. The third step is data monitoring which enables the continuous monitoring of the suppliers to ensure accurate information acquisition and filing. The fourth step of the SupplierGATEWAY process is the reduction of the source liability, which makes it possible to visualize the supplier’s financial liability and the strength of the business compared to the SG score. The final step of the process is the achievement of the set goals, where the business tracks and measures the supplier against the risk management KPIs while saving money and time throughout the process.

Procure to pay

SupplierGATEWAY has a procure-to-pay software that enables businesses to automate and streamline their procurement process. The software facilitates the unification of the procurement processes through accounts payable. The procure-to-pay software is intuitive, cloud-based, and mobile, eliminating data silos while automatically speeding up the request handling time. With mobile access to the software, the users get to decrease the requests approval times since it becomes possible to approve them anywhere and anytime. Also, the users get real-time budgets to access route orders easily and invoices to get approved. The intuitive nature of the processes makes everything flow seamlessly without any delays. Additionally, the software makes monitoring the reported spending easy and generates reports automatically to achieve budget adherence.

Supplier diversity

SupplierGATEWAY offers supplier diversity software that offers the users multiple benefits, including instant deployment, making it unnecessary to have IT team assistance. The software further enables the business to discover its suppliers for proper decision-making. Additionally, the software works effectively to properly report the previous supplier spending, which acts as a benchmark for present and future decisions. In case there’s a need to have more suppliers than the software makes it easy to seek new and diverse suppliers from the available platform. The most important part of it is achieving the set goal while saving time and money.