Steps To The Efficient Transport Of Perishables By Trucks

Every day the logistics market at has become more competitive. The agents in the supply chain end up pushing for ever-shorter prices and terms, while consumers put pressure on product price and quality. If you don’t want to have problems with transportation and even less with agents/consumers, this publication can help you. Check out the five moves for efficient transport of perishables.

  1. Storage

A warehouse cannot be prepared to optimize the use of three-dimensional space. It is essential to harmonize all logistics concepts with restrictions related to the preservation of perishable foods. During the receiving and dispatching phase, transfers occur, which do not cause as much inconvenience when they are palletized, but handling can cause damage to the product’s packaging.

Another important factor is physical installation since these areas have openings that can receive dirt or a temperature change when transferring from the truck. Using barcode systems or warehouse management software can be a great ally to optimize the process and avoid problems.

Therefore, it is relevant to adapt the physical facilities to the restrictions of perishable goods. Check out:

  • Building installation: the correct temperature is essential for the preservation of perishable products. Another critical issue is to follow the correct standards to avoid the risk of product contamination.
  • Equipment: in addition to being operated by experienced professionals, the equipment must have an anti-vibration system, making it impossible for the load to suffer any impact during handling.
  • Stocking: Always use the First In, First Out (FEFO) stock control, which means that the first one out is the first one out.
  1. Packaging

Packaging is essential for the preservation of products throughout the distribution logistics, mainly because it is specified in conjunction with product development, making any adjustment difficult during the process, whether at the time of packaging, storage, or transport.

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Packaging refers to the type of packaging, in this case, the box that will wrap the product and the pallets, containers, and containers that will accommodate the item from storage to transportation to the point of sale.

The main functions of packaging are:

  • Primary: packs the food and offers it to the final consumer through retail.
  • Secondary: tray or film that wraps the primary packaging for added security.
  • Tertiary: containers that simplify cargo handling and unite secondary packaging.
  • Quaternary: it is the same style as the PBR standard pallets and unites the containers for transport.
  • Quinaria: used for transport. They can be ISO standard refrigerated containers, isothermal or special packaging.