If you have always been active and maintained a level of independence throughout your life, you will, in all likelihood, want to maintain this quality of life for as long as possible. As we age, we will find it more difficult to do the routine things with the same degree of mobility we previously enjoyed but there are mobility aids on the market that can help.

If you live in your own home and are finding the stairs a bit of an issue, you may benefit from a stair lift. For example, an electric stair chair in Kidderminster can be acquired as an outright purchase or on a rental basis. Many people opt for stair lift rental if they are recuperating after an operation, such as a hip replacement and return the stair lift when they have returned to full fitness.

How do I know if I need a Stair Lift?

In all honesty, you will probably not have to be told you need a stairlift, you will know yourself. Although you may be able to get up and down the stairs under your own steam eventually, you don’t need to go through this charade, help is at hand. Mobility aids such as stairlifts are not representative of ‘giving up’, they merely help you go about your normal daily routine without discomfort or the risk of an accident.

If you think you need stairlift, you probably do, contact your local authority or a specialist company for more details.

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