Realities of Moving Big Trees- Landscaping 

Trees, one of the most important and beautiful gifts of nature given to humans which play a vital role in our survival. But sometimes you have to think about moving trees if they are not properly planted or placed. Moving a tree adds a very dramatic change to your landscape, depending on the interest. Trees are unique, and moving a fully grown tree is a preservation method while sharing the uniqueness with others. Here, we’ll get to know about how it is done.

How to transplant a tree?

The first step in tree relocation is the trimming of roots or root pruning. In this, trees’ roots are trimmed six months before transplantation so that new roots appear, which will help in easily moving the tree. After pruning:

  • Dig a trench outside to capture the new roots that are formed.
  • Dig deep until the soil ball is undercut and wrap the soil ball in burlap.
  • Move to the planting location with the same depth and almost fifty percent wider width to easily place the soil ball.

What kind of trees can you move?

Solid planning and warning are required while Moving big trees or a fully grown tree. Trees are moved based on various factors such as roots, canopies, foliage, size, height, and weight, etc. The tree’s health should be the priority; however, trees that weigh from 800,000 to 850,000 and trunk width of about 40 inches are also moved by many companies. The uniqueness and heritage of trees are also handled very carefully while the relocation of trees.

What precautions should be taken?

Several precautions are taken while relocating a tree-

  • One should do weeks of planning while transplantation.
  • Departments such as fire, police, hospital, ambulance, etc., are also involved.
  • Route from one side to the relocation site that the truck is taking should be cleared.
  • One should also consider the safety of pedestrians and the city.

Change in Landscape

Moving a tree preserves not only it but also changes the whole landscape of the area. But the definition of successful tree relocation is that the tree survives and grows fully. Many branches may die due to sudden relocation, but doing it correctly can be very efficient. Aftercare is very important for trees and landscape. Watering, misting, mulching, and support to the tree are some of the factors that should be considered in aftercare.