Question to be asked to a Removal Company

Moving to a new place can be stressful especially when it comes to searching for genuine moving services. The reason is that so many horror stories are related to movers that make you get confused about whom to trust. So, it becomes important to keep yourself equipped with all the information related to movers Melbourne.

A good moving service is all the difference between a safe and smooth move and one that can make it difficult. So, it is important to do your homework well enabling you to build confidence in the services you will be hiring. Following is some information you can consider while looking for trustworthy movers:

  1. Pre-move Investigation: First ask the removal services to send a person to your place to check the volume of your belongings and also discuss your requirements with them. Also, ask them if packing services are included in the package disregarding the fact whether you need it or not. Ask if they provide a storage facility if required. Discuss everything about additional services and their charges. Tell them to give you a written quote in detail and if the prices are flexible or fixed.
  2. Equipment: Ask the movers Melbourne what size vans or trucks they have. If your items are too heavy or big, ask them if they have a large truck to accommodate all your belongings. Ask them, if required, can the removal company provide boxes. Some removers charge for the boxes while others provide boxes as part of the move. Don’t forget to ask if they will carry blankets to wrap furniture, bubble wraps for delicate items, mattresses, etc.
  3. Staff: It is important to ask if the staff of movers Melbourne is well-trained and certified by an authentic institution. Ask them if they hire the staff id casual or fully employed. Casual workers do not bother much about their belongings or feel committed to their job.
  4. Insurance: Ask the movers about their insurance policy and other credentials. If you lose any of your belongings during the move, you should not be the one to supplement them. The movers should be liable for the loss. Many residential movers Melbourne do not offer standard insurance for household items during transit.
  5. History: Knowing the history of the moving company is very important. Try to know if the movers are in this field for a long time and what their local address is. Many moving services operate just using mobile phones. Having a truck and some packing material does not make a moving company.
  6. Payment: Ask the movers what their preferred mode of payment is. If the company asks for a heavy amount in advance, it is better to keep a distance from such companies. Also, there should not be any costs or last-minute fees.
  7. Feedback: It is also significant to know the feedback of the customers who have hired their services. This way you will be assured of the mover’s working style and also that the movers Melbourne are trustworthy.


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