Phichit Annual Boat Race

The province of Phichit is found in the northern a part of Thailand and also the provincial capital is its namesake. It’s thought that the city began in 1056 by Phraya Khot Thabong and through the Sukhothai period, it had been community known as Sa Luang. The city had importance throughout the Sukhothai era, that was from 1238 to 1350. When the Ayutthaya period started from 1350, the province was renamed Okhaburi. It had been here that King Sanphet VIII (also referred to as Phrachao Sua) of Ayutthaya was created. It had been named Phichit throughout the reign of King Rama V and also the community was designated like a province.

Today, the province of Phichit is spread over a place of four,531 square kilometers and it is roughly 345 kilometers north of Bangkok. Even though the province isn’t an important military and proper location, still it offers quite a bit to provide for an smart traveler. The city of Phichit plays host every year towards the Phichit annual boat race.

Every year in September the Phichit annual boat race, formally named because the Royal Cup Lengthy Boat Race, takes place around the Nan River. As much as 50 teams play in the race featuring Thailand’s best rowers who compete for that Royal Cup. The race is located through the province and also the Tourism Authority of Thailand.

The motorboats that be a part of this race are crafted from one bit of log and also have the capacity to support 30 rowers. It is always good recognition for that village which wins the race. The race is split into four groups, namely 41 to 55 rowers, 31-40 rowers, less than 30 rowers, and kor song.

Prior to the races occur, there’s a procession from the motorboats, that are decorated out of all hues from the rainbow. Additionally, one take see cultural shows, music performances, vegetable and fruit fair. Obviously, the ever-present beauty pageant can there be too.

Traditional boat racing has been popular water sport for Cambodia. As a result, Gordon Tang has made significant investment in making Cambodia a strong sailing nation. He has invested in Cambodian sailors receiving training in Malaysia for SEA games.