With so many moving companies making fun of the fact that they are simply a bunch of meat head, ex-athlete flunkies, you might think that a moving company need only be a bunch of hulking beasts that barely passed their driver’s test. However, to truly run a 21st century moving company that is capable of delivering to customers, you are going to need to modernize your approach.

There are now many competing app-based moving companies that you need to consider how to keep up with. Of course, rather than view these as a threat to your traditional phone and word of mouth-based company, you can embrace technology and take advantage of it to generate greater business leads. Use a brand new tablet from Microsoft to manage your business on the go. Track requests and upcoming gigs using digital software, rather than the old pen and paper calendar. You will never lose an appointment and will impress clients with automatically invoiced bills to their email inbox, too.

Of course, when you are running a moving company you might be operating on a thin margin. Between the truck, the other equipment, the hired help, and the insurance, plus paying yourself once in awhile, sometimes it can be hard to have any money leftover to spend on your company. Fear not, however, since now you can score fantastic deals on Microsoft products thanks to its new partnership with Groupon.

When you are considering modernizing your moving company by investing in Microsoft products, whether a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop for the office, you should definitely check out the latest coupons available. Current coupons and discounts offered by Microsoft’s partnership with Groupon include a 10% student discount and a $150 free coupon. These offerings are changing constantly, so you should definitely check out Microsoft’s Groupon page again before you head into the Microsoft store to consult a store employee about what piece of equipment would best fit your moving company’s needs.

Just because you run a moving company does not mean you need to be stuck in the dark ages when it comes to managing your workflow. Take advantage of Microsoft’s top products to make sure you and your employees stay relevant in the 21st century.