Maintaining A High Standards of Cleanliness In Your Business

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ll know that keeping your business premises clean, tidy, and conforming to regulations is an essential task that demands your full attention. A good cleaning regime as part of your overall health and safety policy should form one of the cornerstones of your company. Ensuring your cleaning and maintenance teams are properly supplied with modern equipment, and high-quality, effective cleaning products enables them to complete their tasks efficiently. Partnering with a well-established supplier of industrial and commercial cleaning supplies gives you the benefit of their experience and expertise and a better standard of product.

The Different Types of Industrial Cleaning Products

Scientific advances in modern cleaning products mean they now rely less on harmful solvents and increasingly use natural oils like citrus to break down oil and grease. These eco-friendly and biodegradable cleansers fall into three main categories, which are –

  • Industrial floor cleaners and degreasers for both manual and machine cleaning.
  • Hand washes and barrier creams.
  • Specialised Industrial products such as drain cleaners and paint strippers.

Whether you manage a shipyard, shopping centre or machine shop, it is crucial that you supply your staff with the most effective cleaners for the job at hand.

Cleaning Those Important Floors

The challenges of cleaning and maintaining the floors of a business premises are wide-ranging; by purchasing a versatile industrial floor cleaner, you are giving your cleaning crews a valuable weapon in the battle against dirt and grime. A great example of this is the Aximax industrial floor cleaner from APT Commercial, a water-based, low foaming formula that is excellent on ingrained dirt and includes water softening agents; it’s also solvent-free and fully biodegradable. As well as being suitable for floors, it is equally at home cleaning machinery, road signs or even a walk-in freezer.

Handy Tips on Hand Cleaners

In the wake of the recent pandemic, it is now every company’s duty to provide sufficient effective hand washing and sanitising facilities; various suitable products exist for different situations. They fall into four main categories –

  • Antibacterial germ-free hand washes are an excellent solution with fast-acting natural soaps that are both kind to the skin and eco-friendly.
  • Heavy-duty hand cleaners are for when a higher level of cleaning is required when paired with hand wash dispensers that are an effective duo.
  • Dual-purpose grit wipes provide hand hygiene when running water is not available, providing a biocidal action quickly and effectively.
  • When employees come into contact with harmful solvents and detergents, a barrier cream can be used to protect the skin from dryness and irritation.

No matter the situations your employees face, there is an industrial hand cleaner to solve the problem; you are protecting your business by protecting your staff.

Difficult & Unwanted Problems

It is often the case that unwanted maintenance or cleaning issues occur that require an effective and efficient solution; blocked drains and graffiti on your building are just a couple of these problems. By purchasing a specific industrial strength drain cleaner or paint stripper, you are giving your cleaners an advantage when dealing with the issue; they get the job done faster and be able to move on to other tasks.

Instruct your purchasing team to buy the best available cleaning supplies; by doing this, you ensure that your business premises are clean and tidy, providing your company with a valuable base to succeed.

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