Identifying The Beetles – How To Control The Infestation?

Beetles are the type of insects that normally infest almost all kinds of buildings. They are found in various shapes, sizes, and colours. They are of two different types, June beetles and lady beetles. You can even find some beetles that resemble the body structure like that of a spider.

Beetles will be characterized by full-functioning chewing mouthparts and antennae. They can detect their food items located anywhere outside or inside the house with the help of these antennae. They do not prefer the cold climatic conditions, and hence try to intrude your house through the cracks or holes in the window frames or walls.

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Infestation Places

Beetles, when intruding your home, will find some dark places to hide such as,

  • Lumber and firewood
  • Packages
  • Furniture
  • Potted plants

Every time they come out of their hiding, they will target some of the things in your houses such as the crops, clothes, furniture and décor, and the packaged goods in the cabinets. They are of different kinds such as wood-destroying, food-destroying, and fabric-infesting beetles and can damage everything in your house, within a few days of infestation.

How to Get Rid of Beetles

The best way of getting rid of the beetle infestation from your house is with the help of these below-mentioned tips.

·        Keep the Area Dry

The best way of keeping the beetles at bay is by keeping the surrounding dry and damp-free. Take care of possible leaks in many places in the house and reduce the chances of mould growth.

·        Vacuum

Follow the idea of vacuuming the house regularly to constantly remove the carcasses, eggs, and even the live beetles that are found attached to the surface.

·        Seal the Holes

Windows, pipework, doors, and windows are bound to get cracks because of the changing climatic conditions. Use proper sealing agents and make sure that you do not keep any cracks or holes open anywhere in the house.

·        Keep the Area Warm

Keeping any area warm and airy will reduce the chances of the accumulation of dampness in the house. The hot climatic conditions can even kill the eggs and adult beetles as well.

·        What the Professionals Will Do

When you hire the help of the pest control service, they will first visit the place for the proper inspection and they will then come up with a game plan to take care of the pests in the house.

The experts will educate you regarding the severity of the condition and also about the right steps that should be taken to get rid of the problem of a beetle infestation from the root. Hence, look through the available options and choose the right pest control service for your problem.