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How Using a Portable Storage Unit Benefit your Move

If you are ready to move, whether coast to coast or across the street, you may think that you only have a couple of options when it comes to transporting your possessions. These options are moving all your stuff on your own or hiring a moving service and a moving truck. But, these options come with some disappointing drawbacks which usually push you to find a more convenient alternative. The best option is to rent a portable storage unit. This option provides you some perks which will make your move easier.

Offers you More Convenience

One of the issues when you hire a moving truck is need to have your stuff packed up and ready to go within a particular time and date. What is good about renting a portable storage unit is that it can be dropped off at your apartment or house. This enables you to pack your things up and move them out into the unit on your own timeline. After filling the storage unit, the storage company will then pick it up at your convenience.

Storage Unit Benefit your Move

It is Cost-Effective

If you are moving across the country or state, hiring movers and a moving truck can be expensive. Also, it can be costly to use your own truck as you will have to pay for gas and usually a hotel on your way. In fact, you tend to run the risk of broken objects because of poor packing. Such costs can quickly add up. Portable storage units or self storage units help you eliminate the costly manual labor of a mover or having to move yourself. Additionally, you have the time to pack your belongings carefully and make sure the storage container is horizontally lifted to eliminate tipping and damage of items when it is picked up and sent to its destination.

Storage Unit Benefit your Move1

Easy to Load

Often, customers hire movers as they cannot handle the stress involved in relocating things into a rented truck. Surely, it is strenuous to try to carry heavy furniture pieces out of your house and to your driveway. And the most strenuous part is when they have to lift them up to load into the truck’s back. But, a portable storage unit can sit at ground level in your driveway. You can just walk your possessions directly into the unit.

Safe and Secure

A portable storage unit allows you to lock your things away since you will store it at your own house allowing to keep an eye on it all the time. An extra security level is that if the unit is full of your possessions and can already be moved, you can lock it on your own. The unit will be securely transported after pickup and sent to your destination.

Storage Unit Benefit your Move

Definitely, moving can be costly and stressful. But, if you prefer to use a portable storage unit rather than renting a moving truck or hiring a mover, the process will become so much easier.

Author bio: Lee Preston is a famous blogger focusing on moving and storage as well as home improvement niches. A number of his posts on self storage units have been read by hundreds of readers across the world.