How To Treat The Woodworm Infestation?

If you notice woodworm infestation on your property then you must act quickly and call for the correct treatment of woodworm. To do this, you must identify the actual types of wood-boring beetle correctly.

However, just by noticing any holes present, you cannot conclude their presence or whether they are currently infested in your home. Quite possibly, the woodworm must have left a long time ago and only leaving behind the damage, however, still this could mean that your timber must have been left weakened.

You can also take the help of pest control Manchester in case you find that their infestation is quite high on your property.

What is a woodworm?

This is a common term that is generally used for referring to the various larvae of different wood-boring beetles. You can find several species of woodworm in the UK, but major damage is generally caused by their offspring.

How to identify the signs of such woodworm infestation

Often it is tricky to know whether you have really any active woodworm infestation because the main damage will be caused inside the wood and you are not likely to see them for years. However, the following few signs may help you to identify any potential woodworm infestation:

  • Small round holes typically of a diameter of 1 to 2mm found in the woodwork,
  • Fine, powdery dust found around these holes
  • Crumbly edges to joists and boards
  • Tunnels within your wood
  • Weak/damaged timbers
  • Presence id dead woodworm beetles
  • Presence of any predatory beetles

You can find such woodworm in all kinds of wooden surfaces including:

  • Furniture
  • Floorboards
  • Joists/beams
  • Roof timbers
  • Wooden tools
  • Painted wooden surfaces
  • Decorative woodwork
  • Joinery and structural woods
  • Musical instruments.

How to eliminate woodworm?

It is very important that you must first identify correctly the actual type of woodworm that you are dealing with. In case you are not too sure, then it is better to consult any pest specialists.

1.     Surface treatments

If the problem of woodworm is only limited to your small items e.g. furniture, then you can also treat it yourself effectively by using any right techniques.

By using a brush, application of spray of any effective woodworm treatment on various wooden items that are affected by woodworm. It is possible to take care of your common furniture beetles.

You must also treat any nearby timbers as a precaution to protect against any future outbreaks. After that, you must re-paint or re-varnish all the treated surfaces as they get dry.

2.     Injection treatments

Certain beetle infestations may occur deep within the wood, hence it is essential that you treat them with injection also along with surface treatment. You can do this by injecting certain woodworm treatment spray inside the exit holes that are left by all the adult beetles.

It can also be done by just drilling into the various danger zone and then filling the entire wood by using a gel or paste woodworm treatment. Often the larvae beetle can cause more harm than any ommon furniture beetle.

If all these actions do not offer a good result then you must call a professional pest control company.