How to Eliminate Houseflies from Your Home?

Flies are large insect groups that include small ones like the fruit flies, drain flies, fungus gnats, and phorid flies. Flesh flies and blowflies are the larger ones that invade homes occasionally to lay eggs on decaying organic material or carcass. Mosquito and house fly hardly breed within structures, but take advantage of unscreened doors and windows to enter for shelter or food.

Houseflies are common insects found around residential areas. They not just buzz around but carry potential diseases. Even though their lifespan is short they reproduce in huge numbers too quickly leading to infestation.

House flies enter homes through torn or stripped screens because they are attracted by odors and air currents. They prefer a temperature around 28°C, so on cool days, warm air currents from your home attract houseflies and vice versa on cool days. The first step is to check whether the fly screens on the door and windows are intact. If you have not installed screens then it is the right time to approach FlyScreenDirect store online and invest in a good quality mesh.

How to eliminate houseflies from your home?

Contact licensed pest control services the moment you suspect an infestation. The technicians will conduct an inspection. They look for specific places, where the eggs are deposited. Houseflies enter the home from outside, so breeding sites are hardly present inside. However, they check the garbage area because the houseflies find it a suitable breeding environment. The breeding site needs removed and cleaned thoroughly or the issue can worsen.

As soon as the breeding site is disposed of, the next step will be to remove the adult flies. A housefly treatment plan is developed based on infestation severity. It can include the application of fly baits or traps. To avoid the occurrence of housefly infestation, vigilant sanitation is essential. Remove trash regularly.

Use well-sealed garbage bins to avert houseflies from converting the surrounding into a breeding site. Clean pet waste as soon as you can to avert house fly development. Install fine mesh screens to the doors and windows. It will prevent the housefly from entering your home. In case, your home already has window and door screens ensure there are no visible tears or rips.

Housefly education

Houseflies don’t bite but transfer 100+ pathogens including typhoid, TB, and salmonellosis. They sit on garbage and feces and pick microorganisms, which contaminate the food and surfaces they sit on. Their mouth also picks diseases when they feed on decaying materials. Besides, houseflies constantly defecate.

The development time from eggs to adult houseflies is six days. A female housefly reproduces 5 to 6 times and lays 100 eggs every time. She mates just once but is capable to reproduce 350 to 900 eggs in her lifespan. The lifespan of an adult housefly is generally 15 to 25 days. They can migrate 20 miles from their birthplace. They rest 5 – 15 feet off-ground and near food sources.

People even use housefly sprays to incapacitate them quickly but ensure to have all the food items covered. Keep kids and pets away from the treated area for some time and even ventilate the room. Wipe the sprayed area clean after treatment.