How To Create a Kitchen that’s Both Functional and Stylish


You’ve heard the saying, “There’s no place like home.” There is no place in the home like the kitchen either. It’s the common spot of the house, both practically and socially. Here are some tips on turning your kitchen into a stylish and functional kitchen.

Styling Your Kitchen

Using striped patterns along the walls of your kitchen adds a touch of personality. Why not make it your own? Use lighter colors of your own preference. Coordinate colors properly and you’ve added new dimension to your kitchen. Use the striping patterns creatively.

Styling Your Kitchen

Decorating the walls of your kitchen give it meaning to you and anyone who walks in it. Use flat brass that is light enough to hang from the walls. A nice collage of family photos can make up your kitchen walls. Hang a unique clock on the wall along with inspirational or humorous quotes by famous people.

Glass cupboards are beautiful and compliment most designs and tastes. They are great for finding your dishes a whole lot faster. Glass provides a wonderful looking element to your kitchen. Glass cupboards add a certain ‘kind of class’ to your kitchen.

Making the Kitchen Functional

Purchase a tall cupboard (or if you’re handy, make one), and install a lot of shelves. This project would require very little space of the kitchen, but still store a lot of canned goods. Consider installing or making one for your new kitchen.

Styling Your Kitchen

Install hooks on your walls for hanging aprons and potholders. This takes up very little space. Install other hooks (or large nails) on other available wall spots. These can be used for hanging utensils or other items you need quicker access to.

If your budget allows, install a dishwasher. This could save a lot of time after large meals. Especially after having company over for the holidays or a Super Bowl party. Just grab those dishes in the morning and put them away.

Movable tabletops, if you have any, can be used several ways. They can become a chopping board. Food preparation can done on them such as slicing meat, cutting vegetables and other foods. Make use of any tabletop that you are not using.

It just takes a little want-to and a little know how. You can have the kitchen of your dreams. Follow the tips that you’ve been given here, or look for other kitchen design ideas at galleries like Lang’s Kitchen & Bath. You will make a surprising change in your kitchen.