How to Build an Above Ground Pool Deck

To begin with, to construct an around above ground pool deck you’ll need the same plan, knowledge, etc. that you adhere to when you build a freestanding deck. The main idea here is that those decks don’t have to be attached to the pool in order to provide stability. This means that the deck must be stable in every direction itself, without demanding any pool’s horizontal or vertical support.

To provide proper lateral support for pool decks (resistance from swaying from side to side) you need to install 2×4 braces between the bottom of deck posts and tops of deck joists.  Install these diagonal cross braces in both directions for maximum stability (i.e. in the north-south and east-west directions).

For the deck joists you can use 2×6 lumber and have the joists span no more than eight feet between beams.  You can use 4×4 posts and rest them either on concrete deck footings blocks or you can dig your footings into the ground four feet below grade to avoid movement due to frost.

You should also take into account new building standards, as well as, rules referred to the decking around a pool. The maximal gap between the pool coping and the decking is about 3-4 inch. Such things as gaps between the board and deck’s slope, skid resistance, etc. can be controlled by the local standards. All these construction demands also should be considered in building diverse pools or any other installations that are in or above the ground.

How to build a pool deck

Nowadays our contemporary society keeps on trying to enhance its life in various ways, including outdoor living transformations, targeted to comfort raising. And here we should mention that one of the most well-known transformations today is building pool decks.

There are two types of decks for a pool: in-ground pool decks and above-ground pool decks. In this title we’re going to talk about in-ground ones. (If you’re interested in building a deck around an above-ground pool, check out the title below).

To build in-ground pool deck:

  • Define the deck’s boundaries and start excavating around the edge of the swimming pool. The depth must correspond to the depth of your materials.
  • The majority of in-ground pools have a curved-shape, so firstly cut overall lengths before going back and trimming the pieces to follow the pool’s curvature or its shape.
  • Calculate every detail. Before cutting, decide what kind of deck you’d like to have: that one which is drooped down, reclined or adhered to the edge.

How to build a deck for above ground pool

Above-ground pool decking is a time-consuming and laborious process. You should think through all the details in order to succeed and be satisfied. To build above-ground pool deck you’ll need to:

  1. Frame the floor
  2. Set piers and posts
  3. Lay the decking
  4. Build the guardrails

To receive more detailed info about building a deck around a pool, contact our Delta Decks team. We’re always pleased to help!

How much does it cost to build a deck around an above ground pool

The prices depend on your demand and requirements. Likewise, they range from materials, style, preferences, time, etc. If you’re attracted with the idea of having a deck around a pool in your outdoor space, you can utilize the services of our professional Deck Builder company. (Delta Decks Toronto

Can you build a deck above a pool?

The world is altering, and we’re changing together with it. All of us want to live in comfort, and we are constantly trying to do our best in order to fulfill all wishes. While talking about outdoor comfort, one of the primary things that comes to mind is a pool. It can sound trivially, however solely think how much happiness this pool can bring to you, especially in summer. Thus, more and more people start organizing their own pool building. The question about the opportunity of creating a deck without the help of narrowly targeted specialists is rather widespread today. Well, when you ask whether it’s possible or not, the answer is quite simple. “Certainly”. You can deal with decking on your own, however remember to consult with a decking specialist, a person with sound technical or construction knowledge.