How Flies Can Become Dangerous Threat to The Health of Your Family Members

A fly buzzing over your food or drink is one of the most irritating situations that you may have experienced in your life. This is common in almost all food joints and especially in drive-through restaurants.

Some of the flies that you see around you in your daily life are not harmful. However, this is not the case with house flies, cluster flies, and stable flies, as they can carry more than 200 kinds of pathogens with them. If you come in contact with any of such flies, then there are higher chances that you mind end up becoming the victim of the parasitic infections.

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Areas of Infestations

Flies are commonly found buzzing and breeding in the areas that have manure accumulation or even the accumulation of rotting food, decaying flesh, and trash cans, and so on. The pathogens that are present in such unhygienic places will get attached to the legs of the flies and will be transferred everywhere through them. Hence, the food that they have landed on will become toxic for you to consume.

If you accidentally eat the food particles that the flies have landed on, then you might experience some health disorders such as cholera, typhoid, dysentery, and so on.

Fly Control

The best way of escaping from the possible dangers that the flies can cause you and your family members is by following the below-mentioned steps.

  1. Install the mosquito or fly mesh to all the openings in the house if possible.
  2. Keep a close eye on these meshes and make sure that there are no punctures or openings in the screens anywhere.
  3. Go with the idea of the installation of oscillating fans so that you keep the movement of flies in any particular area under check.
  4. Eliminate the source of the infestation in and around your property such as the dirty drains, rotting food items, unhygienic trash cans, and so on. Do not leave the food open and unattended for a longer time and make sure that you keep the food items closed and away from flies.
  5. Do not leave behind the crumbs and spills anywhere in the house. Make sure that you clean thoroughly the areas that come behind and underneath the appliances.
  6. Keep the bathroom and kitchens clean and tidy.
  7. Do not leave the pet waste unattended anywhere.
  8. Install the sodium vapour lights to keep some insects away from your porch or even from your front and backyard.

Coming in contact with flies will always pose a threat to your family. Make sure that you keep your dear ones away from such health hazards by following necessary precautions. Stay safe and keep everyone safe around you.