Everything You Should Know About New Movers Data

You should know that new movers continually search for new areas to purchase and vendors they can use. At the same time, they are open to new things due to the latest living situations.

It is vital to click here, which will help you understand more about the first mover advantage. Therefore, you should implement a system that will allow you to get real-time and live feed of data that will connect you with movers in a matter of hours after they reach a particular area.

That way, you can sit back and think about marketing strategies to help you reach people who move to the U.S. weekly.

Importance of Reaching New Movers

People make most furniture purchasing decisions during the first thirty days before and after moving. At the same time, customers are more prone to purchase a wide array of furniture to complement lifestyle changes, which is an essential factor to remember.

A few studies have shown that once these customers choose you as a brand of choice, they are ninety percent more likely to revisit you for another purchase due to trustworthiness. At the same time, approximately five hundred thousand people relocate around the U.S. each week, which is essential to remember.

The main goal is to target specific customers that will meet your needs and preferences, primarily if you base your business on in-store sales and overall efficiencies; advertising is one of the most important aspects of reaching movers, which is why you should talk with professionals to help you throughout the process.

Why Should You Implement New Mover Marketing?

Similarly, as mentioned above, moving customers require vendors for specific services and products. That is why you should adopt marketing, which is one of the most effective ways to obtain long-term customers.

Remember that mover’s purchasing decisions depend on reviews, online research, and referrals from family members and friends.

Approximately half of them would try new brands based on online reviews and competitive prices compared with other brands within the same industry niche. At the same time, more than two in five new residents will choose based on recommendation.

Generally, they will decide to purchase numerous items before they enter the new place. We are talking about necessary things they cannot relocate from one place to another, such as solar panels, repair supplies, home improvement services, car maintenance, and repairs, which are most common during the first few days after moving.

Remember that they are more likely to choose brands compared with others. Therefore, they will choose a brand for specific services and products, which is essential to remember.

The best way to reach them is through different platforms and marketing approaches. Since half of them will use online means to get delivery of items, you should know that only thirty percent of them purchased things online and went to pick them up in-store. At the same time, the same percentage of new residents decided to purchase directly from the store.

Marketing Tips

Since you understand the importance of new mover marketing, you should learn how to run a successful campaign without any additional hassle. Therefore, you should conduct a few actions, including:

1.   Finding a Reliable Data Source

Although it seems evident from the beginning, you should know that mover data sources can feature a change of addresses through the utility and phone connects, U.S.P.S., deeds from courthouses, and publication subscriptions that led to addressing change. These are perfect sources for reaching people who moved to your area.

We recommend you check out this guide: to learn more about obtaining relevant data, which is vital for creating a reliable campaign.

Numerous studies have shown that moving customers will purchase before reaching an area, which is vital to remember. Therefore, you can use both pre- and post-mover data, which will help you reach lucrative customers. That way, you can increase the chances of boosting their purchasing decisions.

You can find numerous software for service companies such as warranty, utility, real estate, moving companies, and home inspectors. These companies work with movers across the journey, meaning you can access pre-mover data, which will help you throughout the process.

2.   Determine the Campaign Goals

You should know that marketing to new movers is not as simple as sending direct mail to people that live in a specific area. Instead, it would be best if you thought about the goals of your campaign before making up your mind.

You may want to connect with more customers or increase sales and profit. Your goal may be to increase brand awareness among customers, meaning you should implement a proper marketing strategy to help you achieve your goals.

3.   Engage New Movers

Approximately seven in ten movers require more resources throughout the moving process. Since changing your location is one of the most stressful events we can go through, problems arise due to the inability to set your mind straight and understand things you should do.

That is why you should send numerous correspondence for the next few weeks after consumers relocate because they will be overwhelmed with new things and plans, which will prevent linear thinking. You will boost brand recognition through correspondence and ensure they have you in mind when they need your services or products.

4.   Customer Acquisition and Retention

Although direct mail is an effective way to engage with new residents, you should know that when you reach them as they relocate inside, the direct mail campaign will not be effective afterward.

Everything happens because new residents decide to make a significant purchase before they reach a new settlement, meaning you should find ways to reach them early on and throughout the process, which will help you ensure customer acquisition and retention.

Final Word

Since ninety percent of new movers are willing to try a new brand for services and products, you should keep them engaged and find ways to boost your brand’s awareness. You can establish a meaningful connection that will last long after the first purchase.