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Don’t Miss These Aspects And Facts For Choosing Piano Movers

Moving homes can mean a lot of work. Apart from finding the right house, you will have to deal with the shifting work, which can take an insane amount of time. If you have expensive stuff, such as a piano, it is more than essential that you choose the right moving service. Movers and packers can be extremely handy for home owners, and you will find plenty of services around. To find the best Piano Movers Philadelphia, here are the tips you need.

Check the service background

Movers deal with all kinds of shifting work, and yet, not all companies are well experienced with handling expensive and heavy goods. Pianos are expensive, and every model is different. You need a service that deals with moving pianos in general. They should know the different models and makes, and how the handling can impact the use. For example, a Steinway model isn’t always as stable as Yamaha one, and therefore, the pianos from Steinway must be handled with better care. Check for services that has a good name in the market. You can ask family and friends to offer a few references.

Find the basics

Movers should be certified, licensed and bonded to take up the work. In every state of the US, there are specific laws that pertain to the service industry, and the concerned service should have the valid papers and licenses. If you have any concerns over a service, ask them to give a few references of their clients in your area. Apart from references, you also need to check if the company has all the details on their website. Along with their portal, you can also check on Google to find reviews from other users/customers.

Check for insurance and staffing

A company that deals in moving pianos should be well staffed. They must have a team in place that’s experienced enough to deal with the entire work. Also, the insurance is an important factor. There are basically three kinds of insurance that you can expect. The first one is basic worker’s compensation insurance, which deals with liabilities in case of accidents, while the second one deals with damages to the vehicle. The third one is the most crucial one. This is the insurance against any damage to the goods, especially the piano. Ask for this kind of cover, even if it means spending a little more.

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