Different Types Of Packaging To Consider

People can judge the quality of any product just by looking at its packaging box itself. This is not just a coincidence that all the successful companies give more thrust to their packaging of the item.

Though it is very clear that packaging is very important for the success of any product. However, over the years there are no great changes taken place within the packaging industries. Therefore, often it becomes a bit hard to choose the right custom boxes for certain products.

Following are few of the options available in the market as a suitable packaging option.

  • Paperboard boxes

Since paperboard boxes are usually paper based material and hence they tend to be light weight but yet strong enough for the product. They can be very easily cut to any shape to fit any kind of product.

  • Corrugated boxes

These types of boxes are usually made of card board, which is largely used for shipping various kinds of items. They are available in many different types based on the weight of the product to be packaged inside.

  • Plastic boxes

Plastic can always be used for a very wide product ranges right from spaceships to even paper clips. Number of traditional items e.g. leather, wood, glass, ceramic, and more has already been replaced with plastic.

  • Rigid boxes

Rigid boxes are made out of very highly condensed paperboard which is 4-times thicker than paperboard that is used in construction of certain standard folding carton.

One of the easiest examples of real-world rigid boxes can be the boxes, which hold Apple’s iPhones or iPads that are two-piece setup for rigid boxes.

  • Chipboard packaging

This type of packaging can be found mostly in the electronic, cosmetic, food, medical and beverages. Such packaging boxes are generally built by using reclaimed paper stock. They can be easily folded and formed. This is a very cost-effective option for packaging.

  • Poly bags

These bags are also known as plastic bag or pouch, which are produced by using thin, flexible, plastic film fabric. They are used for wide ranges of products e.g. waste chemicals, flowers, food items, chemicals, waste, magazines etc.

  • Foil sealed bags

Such foil sealed bags can generally be seen in any tea or coffee packaging. Because it can keep the products dense in order to maintain its flavor, and also protects it from different bacteria contamination, thus helps to increase the products shelf life.