Complete Your Garden with the Right Pump

Putting a lot of time and money into a garden project can result in a fantastic landscape. Many property owners have done this and then topped it all off with a beautiful pond fountain or pond waterfall. This can be a reality in your garden as well, with a bit of planning and the right pump to handle the job.  Cat+de+necesare+sunt+motopompele+pentru+apa_88271With a good water source in place and a perfect combination of stone, flowers, and other plant life, a quality fountain, waterfall, or statue pump will complete the overall appearance of a nice home and a garden to be proud of. You may well ask, where do I go to make sure that I get the right pump? Whom do I talk to? Rest assured there is an experienced supplier close at hand, one who can answer your questions and help you select just what you need.

Pumps for Specific Uses

There are several different types of pumps, designed for a dedicated task. Talk with an expert to decide if the pump you need is one that moves standing water to a filter system, for example. You may have planned for a fountain pump to direct water up for visual effect. Maybe your garden landscape includes a beautiful statue that is designed to be part of the water flow. A specialist can help you with any of these situations.


When you describe your garden plans in detail, or have someone see the requirements on site, be sure to cover all the details. In one of the examples above, the filter pump was mentioned. This particular piece of equipment is built so that some solids pass through, but can filter fish droppings. Having this as part of your system will ensure that the initial pump in your system is doing what it was designed to do.

Buy Quality and Enjoy

When it is time to complete the landscape, choose the best, such as OASE pond pumps from Water Garden. Experienced suppliers, such as this, will help you with a stationary fountain pump or, if the water conditions warrant it, a floating fountain installation. The floating design pulls cleaner water from the top level of your pond, rather than from the lower, silty levels. Fountain pumps are available to push water spray two feet into the air, or much higher for larger water supplies.


If your landscape has excess water that needs to be removed, in addition to the pond pumps already mentioned, you may want to talk about irrigation pumps or pumps designed specifically for drainage of wet areas. Some of these specialised pumps are made to handle quite difficult conditions.


Be sure to talk with a professional to discuss how much water will flow through your system. There are some standards for certain types of installations, like waterfalls or fountains. This plan also has to take fish and surrounding vegetation into account. Of course, you should work with your supplier to make sure that the pumps you choose are not too small for the job. Give them a call today and start your plan.