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Common Mistakes When Moving Home In Cambridgeshire

Moving house in Cambridgeshire requires a lot of careful planning to ensure that everything goes as smoothly as possible and nothing is left to chance. Some of the common mistakes when moving to a new home could lead to delays or damages.

 Read this helpful guide in order to make moving in Ely or Cambridgeshire as easy as possible.

 Using A Removal Company With Poor Knowledge Of The Local Roads

 Cambridgeshire is home to lots of narrow, twisting roads which can be difficult for large lorries and vans to navigate properly. Poor driving on these roads could lead to your personal belongings being damaged beyond repair.

 It is important to hire a removal company in Ely which will be able to successfully navigate the narrow streets of the town as well as the surrounding countryside. Select the type of van to be used during the move, and ask for a replacement if the van happens to be too big. Once the size of the van has been agreed upon, you won’t have to worry about problems on the Cambridgeshire roads.

 Using A Removal Company Which Offers Bargain-Basement Rates

 Buying a new home is the costliest purchase that some people will ever make in their lives. If your finances are low after you have bought your house, you might be tempted to use a removals company because they are offering bargain basement rates. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice quality for cost: shop around in order to find a removal firm which offers a quality service with attentive staff and well-maintained vehicles. Using a reputable company will ensure that your belongings are in the safest hands possible.

 Not Researching Storage Options Before Moving

 Storing unwanted or rarely-used items before the big move is something that many people tend to overlook. However, there is no point bringing items to the new house which will only clutter up the hallways or the loft. Many removal companies also offer storage facilities which can be paid for on a monthly basis. Inspect several storage facilities before moving and choose a firm which has secure storage units and excellent security standards such as guards and CCTV.

 Your moving day will be less stressful when you know that these belongings are safely stored away and can be accessed at any time.

 Not Moving Fragile Items Separately

 You might feel that you have to rush the move so that everything arrives at the new house as quickly as possible. This sense of urgency could mean that you allow fragile items to be moved along with the rest of the furniture in the house. Instead, why not ask the removal company to carefully package the fragile items so that they can be moved separately from the other furniture.

 Fragile items such as glass mirrors are more likely to survive the journey if they are given as much room as possible and are not packed tightly with bulkier items.

 Use this guide to move successfully in Ely or the wider Cambridgeshire area.