BenchMark – Your Ticket For Getting The Best Possible Claim Amount

Surviving a natural calamity or a disaster makes us appreciate all the wonders of life. However, starting this new life with nothing, having lost everything to the brutal force of nature, is a tedious job. If our damaged properties are insured, then the insurance companies make this recovery work easier for us.

What we should keep in mind when placing the claim is that, insurer is not a friend. They mean business. They strive to make more money, and this is not possible, if they have to pay you the entire claim money. So they will do everything in their power to reduce the amount of claim.

pay entire claim money

Dos and Don’ts while placing a claim

The main problem with the insurance is that you fail to learn about it, until you face a loss. Hence, you are exposed to be vulnerable. Here are a few points to be noted:

  • Claim for rebuilding your damaged property will cost more than getting a new property
  • Checks marked as “full and final settlement” should not be cashed immediately. You might later discover a few damages previously missed out.
  • Do not settle for anything that is lesser in cost and quality. The insurer is entitled to pay for what you had.
  • Condo owners should get a HO-6 home insurance policy, if you want to protect your space and belongings
  • In case of a mandatory evacuation, the insurance covers all your “additional living expenses” including your accommodation and food.
  • Do not settle for anything less than the total cost. The insurers know that you are tired after the disaster and hence, may try to manipulate you.

Why To Hire A Public Adjuster?

Public adjusters work on your behalf to get what you deserve, from the insurance company. They will help you to:

  • Evaluate the damage to the property
  • Estimate the rebuilding cost
  • Compute your insurance payments and amount due
  • Expedite your insurance claims

Expedite insurance claims

The insurance companies nominate an adjuster to evaluate your damages. However, they are skilled negotiators working for their employer. They try their best to reduce the claim amount for the insurer. This is why hiring a public adjuster is the best option. They strive to get for you the best possible insurance claim.

How To Hire A Public Adjuster?

Most public adjusters compute their fees as a certain percentage of your total claim. The more claim amount you get, the more fees they gets. So they strive for getting the best claim amount possible for you. It is advisable to hire your adjuster at the beginning of your claim process. Hiring them at the end makes it difficult for them to assess the situation and hence, might cost you more.

Hire Public Adjuster

Hiring a good public adjuster, like BenchMark, gives you a reasonable chance to stake your claim. They will explain and process all the work on your behalf, and will attend all the meetings, answer your mails and phone calls and handle all the paper documents until the claim is settled. You can visit their website at, to know more about the way they handle things.