A Linux Systemunix Administration Training – Restricting the Disk Size the Linux Usr System Directory

Restricting the Disk Available Space to A Linux Systemunix Directories

There are many A linux systemunix directories which exist for those distributions are these instantly produced during installing Linux and can include: usr, var, etc, home, dev, lib, mnt, proc, root, sbin, and bin

The /usr directory typically contains Linux software programs and utilities. Users don’t need to save files into ezinearticles.

Restricting Users from Saving Files In to the Linux /usr Directory

The /usr directory could be allotted to a partition (during installing the Linux OS) after which mounted as read-simply to restrict users from saving files in it. This may also be completed with other directories that users don’t need to save files into.

Linux Instructions Training Tips: The A Linux Systemunix Administration concepts, instructions and tasks covered here affect Red Hat, Fedora, Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Edubuntu, Debian, Slackware, SUSE, openSUSE – and all sorts of other Linux distributions.

Protecting Linux Partitions from Being Broken Or Corrupted

Another advantage of assigning a directory like a mount reason for a partition is when the filesystem of the partition becomes broken or corrupted, the harm only occurs towards the space utilized by the partition and doesn’t happen to the whole disk.

For instance, when the filesystem from the partition that the /usr directory continues to be assigned becomes corrupted, the filesystems of other partitions aren’t affected.

If you fail to fix the filesystem from the /usr directory structure having a disk repair utility, for example fsck, just the files about this single partition are lost (and could be restored from the backup).

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