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Cleaning houses and apartments after renting out: what is important to consider

Cleaning of apartments after rent is a fairly common service that we provide at Hard Rock Cleaning. And all because such cleaning is not just preferable, but literally necessary for apartments where tenants are periodically replaced.

Renting an apartment involves the wear and tear of furniture and coatings located inside the premises. Cleaning is a real opportunity to extend the life of products, while maintaining their original appearance. In addition, cleaning the premises after renting out apartments allows you to quickly and efficiently eliminate traces of the presence of previous tenants, “refreshing” and preparing the rooms for the arrival of the next tenants.

In this article, we will talk about what is important to consider when ordering cleaning after renting an apartment: types of procedures, their key features and benefits.

Why do you need cleaning after renting an apartment

First of all, it is important to understand why cleaning is needed for rental apartments at all. We have identified several good reasons to order cleaning.

Reducing the cost of depreciation of products and coatings in the apartment. Simply put, extending the life of these products and coatings (furniture, plumbing, decor, flooring, wall coverings, etc.) It is no secret that with proper care, furniture and coatings last longer. Such care should also be provided for ordinary apartments where only one tenant lives permanently. However, when renting an apartment, the wear and tear of furniture and coatings is especially noticeable, so cleaning should be carried out on a regular basis.

Elimination of serious pollution. Unfortunately, not all tenants are ready to take care of other people’s property as carefully as their own. From here, problems often arise in the form of heavily stubborn stains and old pollution. Cleaning and additional options (if necessary) allow you to get rid of even the most serious defects: mold, fungus, stains on textiles and coatings, plaque in the bathroom and kitchen, unpleasant odors.

Preparing the apartment for the arrival of tenants. A well-groomed, tidy, clean apartment on the market will be valued higher, which means that there will be more people willing to make a deal. Cleaning allows you to “refresh” the apartment, preparing it for the arrival of residents, who will certainly appreciate the cleanliness of the premises.

From this we can conclude that cleaning of apartments after rent is necessary not only for future tenants, but also for property owners who want to conclude a better rental deal.

Types of procedures after renting out an apartment

In addition to the cleaning itself, additional options may be needed to thoroughly clean surfaces and furniture. We will tell you about the most common services for rental apartments.

Basic regular cleaning. A very practical and advantageous offer for those who want to keep the apartment in order during the period of residence of the tenants. It can be said that this is a “prevention” of serious pollution and an opportunity to provide better rental services. Of course, the possibility of performing such a service depends not only on the landlord, but also on the consent of the tenant, as well as the conditions specified in the lease agreement. What is included in the service (key steps):

  • Dedusting of surfaces, wet cleaning, garbage removal, cleaning of mirrors;
  • Cleaning the kitchen apron, cleaning the countertop, removing surface dirt;
  • Disinfection of the bathroom, washing of doors and handles.

For more information on maintenance cleaning procedures, follow this link

Deep cleaning. The best option for cleaning the apartment when changing tenants. In fact, this is the most thorough type of cleaning, which allows you to clean surfaces as much as possible. Deep cleaning is necessary after the tenants leave in order to eliminate traces of their presence in the apartment.

Key procedures included in general cleaning:

  • Dry and wet cleaning of coatings “from ceiling to floor”, washing of skirting boards and cornices, removing dust from equipment and decor items;
  • Disinfection of the bathroom, cleaning of stubborn dirt, cleaning of chrome parts, cleaning of ventilation;
  • Cleaning kitchen worktops (including stubborn stains and old greasy deposits), cleaning the hood, wet cleaning equipment (outside).

Read more about the procedures included in deep cleaning here

Dry cleaning of furniture and carpets. An obligatory part of the procedures that allows you to “breathe” new life into textile and leather products. We offer a dry cleaning service. It is convenient, practical and economical, as there is no need to carry furniture to the workshop. Dry cleaning allows you to eliminate almost all types of stains, greasy deposits and unpleasant odors. Both textile and leather furniture can be cleaned. Differences are noticeable only in the technological process of removing pollution.

Read more of carpet cleaning here

Ozonation. Top procedure for removing unpleasant odors, mold, insects and disinfection of premises. The procedure is absolutely safe and allows you to solve a number of problems at once. We recommend the ozonation service for apartments where there is an unpleasant smell (from food, tobacco, animals, mold). In combination with furniture dry cleaning, this is the best solution for completely freeing the apartment from unnecessary odors. In addition, ozonation allows you to destroy dust mites, which are an acute causative agent of allergies.

Additional options. As additional services, depending on the condition of the apartment, you can order:

  • Washing windows. More often it depends on the season and the current state of the windows. A useful treatment that complements the overall set of treatments and allows more light to enter the premises.
  • Cleaning of the kitchen set and appliances inside. You can order the service in addition to general or maintenance cleaning.
  • Cleaning of the balcony. Necessary for severe pollution of the balcony, the presence of debris, old stains, unpleasant odors.

Cleaning after renting an apartment

 In the article, we talked about the most popular procedures required for cleaning an apartment after renting. But this list is far from exhaustive. It all depends on the condition of the apartment and the circumstances in which the cleaning takes place. In general, the described services or a combination of them will allow you to clean the premises as much as possible and prepare them for the arrival of the next tenants. At the same time, you can definitely be completely confident in the quality of the work performed.

To find out more about our services, call us. We will help you choose a package of services that is ideal for your case.


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