November 2016

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Important Points to Consider when Hiring Reliable Moving Company

When it comes to moving or relocating from one place to another, you would be required to consider a plethora of things. The foremost would be how to transport all the furniture. Prior to transporting options, you would be required to think on the items or furniture you intend to take with you. It would not be wrong to suggest that relocating or moving from one location to another could be a daunting task for people who have been relocating to a different location for the first time.


Hiring the best moving company

Moving is undoubtedly one of the most emotionally, physically and financially draining experience. In case, you are not careful with the process of relocation, it can certainly become a stressful ordeal for you. If you were looking forward to hiring the best moving company in Collierville, things will be definitely at ease for you. Find below some important tips for locating a reliable and reputable residential moving company.

Call the real estate agent

You can call your local real estate agent and find a minimum of three residential or commercial moving companies near you. Choose a company that has at least ten years of experience in the business. You should have representatives from these companies to inspect your home and the items to be relocated. They would provide you with an estimate for relocation. You should not waste time with companies that do not undertake home estimates.

Try calling from the phonebook

Before you actually surf the web arena, which will be the ultimate solution for searching a reliable and reputed company, you should try to go through the traditional phonebook first. There will be no doubt that a number of companies are available online. It is unfortunate that various frauds are associated with online companies. Therefore, the traditional method will be good way to start your search.


Stop working with sub-contracting companies

You should not search for companies that sub-contract the job for you. A good way of making sure will be to visit their office and check for vehicles along with storage facilities. Make sure that their vehicles are permanently marked with the name of the company.

Comparison of quotes offered by shortlisted moving companies

Several companies may offer different quotes for in-house estimates. You should compare the quotes for finding the best services available at a reasonable price. The companies will also cut down their prices on hearing the quotes offered by other companies. The competition in the market makes sure these companies to take every residential relocation opportunity they see.


What you should avoid doing

You should hire a residential moving company that quotes estimate based on cubic feet. You should not sign any kind of paperwork without reading or understanding it. The company should be asked to explain the terms written in the paperwork first. You should sign only when you have been completely satisfied. All moving companies are required to provide a copy of essential paperwork when they contract the job for you. If they do not, you should not hire them.

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How to Have a Pain Free Move to your New House with Self Storage

You are ready to move and embark on a new chapter in your life. Whether you are downsizing or upgrading, moving to a new house is not an easy feat. And you may feel that it takes forever to get things to normal. In fact, your excitement to live in a new house can be blighted by the thought that you still have to look for removal and storage companies. However, it does not have to be that way. Moving to a new house can be done simply without worrying about these things.  dsf

Searching for a dependable mover can be a problem. But, this process can be done smoothly when you have picked the right self-storage facility. After all, you have to make sure you have a cost-effective way to make storage work for you. Above anything else, it must be secure. Your belongings are your assets so you should be comfortable leaving them in a storage facility. The facility should be equipped with latest security systems such as CCTV cameras, electronic gates and digital passwords as well as has a helpful staff to ensure your storage needs are met. Below are the main reasons self-storage units can ease your moving pain away.

Storage Room Convenience

Self storage is a convenient means to ensure your possessions are secure and safe. Whether you need something for heirlooms, photos, furniture or something to store rubbish, a storage unit can be your best bet. There is no need to worry about the facility’s size since multiple sized rooms are available to make sure that you have a space suitable for your needs and is also comfortable.

Making the Moving Work Light

Cheap storage units are a good way to ensure you have everything ready for your relocation needs. However, you can also be sure you have the all important things to make your relocating endeavors easier to deal with. A number of self storage companies can also supply packing and moving materials and boxes. With this, there is no need for you to go through the painful process of finding another source for these things.


Storage which Meets your Needs

With self storage, you get a flexible arrangement. You can be sure you get the unit that is perfect for you. A good storage company does not hide behind contracts. They should make it easy for you ensuring that your move runs according to schedule. But when you need more time to move, the company must be able to devise a plan which makes sure you have a facility to store your belongings in as long as you need it. And storage plans are also cheap.  Therefore, you do not need to worry about mounting costs.


Saving Time and Money

So now you are aware of the benefits of self storage in making your life easier. You don’t have to go through the entire moving process with pain. However, the best thing about your storage unit is it can offer back the gift of time. There is no need to worry about finding the perfect time to move. You have the option to move your stuff on the same unit and ensure your things are stored at a low price.

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Should You Hire Movers For Shifting Homes?

Shifting from one home to another can be quite tiring. Thankfully, with professional movers, you can do away with a lot of hassles. In last few years, the number of movers in most cities has increased hugely, and most customers don’t mind paying for their services. In this post, we will talk of the reasons why you should hire a mover and the simple tips that will help in choosing the right service.

Why hire movers?

Home owners hardly have the time to deal with the intricate packaging task, which can take hours. With movers Oshawa, you just need to supervise the work, and the concerned service will handle everything, starting from arrangement of boxes and wrapping paper to completing the labeling work. Movers are also great at completing the shifting work in a given time. For example, if you need to complete packing and shifting in just two days owing to time constraints, all you need to do is pay the little extra, and a professional service will take care of all things. Movers have competitive pricing, and you don’t have to pay a fortune for getting your work done.

How to hire a service?

The task of choosing between Oshawa movers can be complicated, given that every other company claims to be the best in business. However, these below mentioned points can be a quick guide.

  • Check the background of the company. The concerned service should have the required licenses and certifications as mandatory by law and they should be able to offer a few references. While reviews and testimonials are great for knowing customer feedback, references help in getting firsthand information.
  • One of the other aspects worth checking is the kind of work they do. Check whether they can handle more than a few clients in day and if they have their own staff. Some companies just take up tasks and subcontract the same to smaller companies, which makes it tough to track their work.


  • Make sure that you get an estimate ahead of signing the contract. The cost given to you should be a complete quote, which should include all expenses and taxes. The contract should also be a clear one, where all the terms and conditions should be mentioned, especially with regards to pickup, damage insurance and delivery.

If you can compare services based on goodwill and work, it is hard to make a mistake.

Gold Coast Local Moves specialize in stress-free, local moves, taking the hassle out of the moving process and leaving customers with a smooth and seamless transition to their new home.

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