September 2016

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4 Tips for Every Move

Everyone will move into a new home at least once; more than likely, you will move several times in your life.  For some, the first move is out of their parent’s home and into a dormitory or apartment for college. Many people then move again after college and then again after they get married.  Of course, there are many other times in your life that you might move and every time you do move you should remember these Kenwood Moving & Storage tips.

Tip #1:  It’s Never Too Early to Start

Basically, be proactive.  Change your residential address at least two weeks before the move.  Start packing as soon as you realize you don’t need immediate access to something (like books or your fancy china, etc.).  You could even start packing your clothing in a suitcase so that it is all in one place and you can get to whatever you need.

Tip #2:  Pack an Overnight Bag

And while you are packing that suitcase to store your non-essential clothing, make sure that you also keep an overnight bag ready for the actual move.  Moving is exhausting, and if your clothes have been in a box for a month or more, you might want to wash them before you wear them in your new place.  Packing an overnight bag (with two or three days of work and play clothes, toiletries, etc.) will ensure that you can still get some rest—and off to work—when the move is done.

Tip #3:  Pack a Clear Plastic “Immediate Needs” Bin

While you are labeling boxes for the kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, etc., make sure to separate a few essential items and put them in a clear plastic bin for immediate needs.  It is a bit like an earthquake or fire survival box.  Put plastic forks, electronics charging cables, toilet paper, and at least one power strip in the box.

Tip #4:  Follow a System

Sure, you know that you should label your boxes, but have you considered color coding?  You might know your boxes and handwriting intimately, but if you have someone help you, they might not be paying as much attention.  Color coding your boxes ensures that no matter who moves them, they will know where they go.

Similarly, know what your limitations are in terms of weight capacity and speed of movement.  Don’t over pack boxes and make sure they are not too big to move on your own or with a hand truck.  If you just haphazardly throw things in boxes you may find they are much harder to move than you estimated.

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